Top Down Zombie Survival Shooter

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  • This is my main project I'm working on (I know this has bugs, will list the ones I know) and its a Top Down Zombie Survival Shooter

    Current bugs:

    • Zombie goes through player. Not really a bug I just have collision disabled for now :P
    • Other than that none I can find if you find something wrong please do tell :P

    I'm sure there are plenty more bugs in the little features I have so far.

    Here is the a the Current Build:

    If for what ever reason you want to see how I do something, here is the CAPX:

    You need to get some of the great behaviors and plugins I used from rexrainbow you can find here:

    I also added a little feet animation when he walks lol the art is still a a place holder for now

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  • This is a great start! I can definitely see this becoming a pretty great game.

  • Thanks!

    If anyone wants to help me improve on my logic skills don't hesitate to tell me what could be better in the Event Sheets.

    I already know I'm going to run into a lot more problems with the current state in which I have things set up to work :P

  • Update:


    • Zombie AI (KINDA its not currently using path finding but later on it will)
    • HP Bar above zombies head that depletes when shot.


    • Current Weapon Held is now displaying properly.
    • Player now cannot shoot or reload while reloading
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