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  • 4.3..its the newest version for the samsung galaxy s3

  • Hi I am enjoying playing this game, however I thought I should bring your attention to a problem I encountered. I swiped down to get my 3 Android buttons onto the screen so I could press Home to minimize the game. The button lit up but the app didn't minimize. The phone then appeared to freeze and I could not exit it. Neither home keys or the notification bar could be used, and the app itself would not respond. A reboot of the phone by holding the power key sorted it (after me spending a few minutes trying to remove the non-removable battery..doh ). Unfortunately because the app did not crash I could not send a report.

    In addition on the screen with the planets it seems the planets are very temperamental and do not seem to pick up touches very accurately.

    I hope the above makes sense and provides you with some feedback as to what may improve an already well-made addictive game


  • BurgerTrippin First of all, thank you very much for your feedback, receiving feedback from people it's always helpful

    Ok, let's get to business

    1. I strongly believe that the "minimize problem" it's caused by Android.

    I have never experience something like that during any test., but I know exactly what are you talking about because some apps do the same on my phone and tablet (but it's not very common).

    2. I will check the planets positions.

    In the meantime, I'm preparing an update with a few new things:

    1. A shield for Toby and his friends

    2. Some enemies have been redrawn

    3. More sounds effects

    Maybe it's going to be available next week

    Thank you again!

  • Hello I've played your game and I like so much, overall the good performance it has on my android, Althougt I would like know what kind of network ads are you using in your game??

    Thanks in advance.

    Hola Jugue tu juego y me gusto mucho, sobre todo el buen rendimiento que tiene en mi android, aunque me gustaria saber que tipo de plugin usaste para la publicidad de tu juego?

    Gracias de antemano.

  • Nesteris

    After some tests I have to use a font with less characters in order to reduce the memory usage

    I'm waiting for CW12 for some performance improvements and then I will include the complete spriteFont

    Hmm, there are always performance issues right? :/

  • shimo

    Hello, thanks for playing my game

    I'm waiting for CW12 to be stable to gain some performance :/

    AdMob: I'm using the official AdMob plugin

    IAP: I'm using Cranberrygame IAP plugin

    Vungle: I'm using Cranberrygame Vungle plugin

  • OK I get it, the video ads looks well

  • Hello, i want to play your game but it doesn't support for my device Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8. Please Check it soon

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  • nikosurfing


    Which Android version does your phone have?

  • Iolva i used jelly bean, no official kitkat update for galaxy mega 5.8

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