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  • Hi everybody. So this is my first game submission. Its a platformer where you play as a fireman. The controls are a mixture of keyboard platformer and mouse aim. What I've got so far is an early beta. The artwork is primarily finished and now I'm assembling the levels. I've got the first two levels loaded to the scirra arcade for anyone to try:

    Link to my game in the Scirra Arcade

    Heres a quick list of the aspects I've tried to include in the game:

    -Destructible Objects

    -Varying Enemies

    -Smooth Controls

    -Checkpoint system

    Here are a few aspects of the game which I will add or fix later:

    -More levels

    -Bonus points for rescuing cats hidden throughout levels

    -More destructible objects

    -Simple physics puzzles

    -Final Boss

    Anyway the link above will lead to what I have so far. Again its still in production so expect plenty of bugs and unfinished gameplay elements. Its also painfully short:( Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody.

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  • Fun idea! I can't remember the last time I saw a firefighter game...

    Some suggestions:

    • Artwork style consistency - right now it looks to be a mix of pixel art and high resolution assets, I would suggest picking just one style and using it throughout
    • Background graphics should have a bit less contrast so that the foreground objects and platforms pop out visually
    • When you go up the 1st set of steps, the game prevents you from going back down - any reason for this? Seemed a bit artificial and strange.
    • Increase speed of water - the character moves the same speed as the water, which means you can keep up with it when you are running. I feel like the water should be significantly faster than the character run speed.

    Just a few thoughts, hope that helps and good luck!

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