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  • Hello Scirra community,

    I have recently created a game called time collector (timecollector.clay.io) and would like some feedback on it. There is one known bug, each related to the score, but the same bug doesn't happen on a different computer, and I tested the game out on three different computers. So if you can please tell me what goes wrong when you play so I can fix it.

    I built it off of the game "Go Faster" by I really enjoyed the game a lot, and I decided to try to make a different game based off of it. I wanted a retro platformer, with some replay value. This was my attempt at it. Enjoy!


    Time Collector is a 2D Platformer in a randomly generated endless world. the goal of the game is to collect as many coins as you can. You start off with 100 seconds to find the first, and the time slowly goes down from there. Equipped with a skin shop and local leaderboards, Time Collector is sure to make you want to come back for more.

    <img src="http://clay.io/games/timecollector/claymedia/1310.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://clay.io/games/timecollector/claymedia/1311.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://clay.io/games/timecollector/claymedia/1312.png" border="0">


    Play here: timecollector.clay.io

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  • 7/26/13

    Just Updated.

    Now includes online leaderboards, shaking screen, and a dynamic main menu.

    There are some bug fixes as well:

    1. I believe the NaN score bug was fixed. It works on my computer, but if it shows up on your computer, please leave a comment.

    2. The WASD Keys work.

    That is about it. Please leave a comment on your overall experience.

  • I am pleased to announce that Time Collector has just been uploaded to Kongergate and Newgrounds. I hope that this will bring in more people to play. The links to play are below:



    You can still use the link: http://timecollector.clay.io, to play in fullscreen.

    I plan on doing an update to include achievements, and unlockable power-ups.

    Patrick Pistor(yogert96)

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