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  • Hey!

    Because I've more free time (but not enough money to buy a licence and then finish imfuckincold) I've start a new little platform game.

    I'll try work on it a little each day, or each night ahah!

    Here is the game :

    The Ink Man


    • problem when I try to add an animation after the player land on the ground
    • problem with "spawning object", I want spawn one object after the frame 2 of an animation B and then going on the begining of the animation A
    • some errors with collisions



    • fight sprite (spawn a stone)
    • spawn stone (hold key Z)
    • ennemies


    • falling sprite
    • crouch sprite
    • talk sprite (hold key A)
  • nice work i liked the graphics :) keep going

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  • I like how the hair changes when he is falling, great idea :)

  • Hey!

    Thanks all!

    Ahah I love the way the hair changes too :D

  • Cool concept, I can see this being a good game when finished. Only complaints:

    • The heat bar size doesn't correspond to the increased size of the pixels. Try to make it's size snap to the grid to make it look like it belong to the art style
    • When the player dies, make it so pressing A restarts the level.
  • Hey thx for your comment! Even if I don't understand all your advice :D

    So, what's the prb with the heat bar? I mean I don't think there is a prb with the "size of pixels" or need to snap to the grid.

    And well, before thinking of the death, I need to think about the game :D

    Anyway, thank you again!

  • Here's what I mean:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The bar is between the pixels

    To fix this, I recommend you make the game at 1x zoom, but use events to set the layers to 2x

    You can do this with these events:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    And you can zoom in the editor while you work on the game with shift + ctrl + mouse wheel

  • Oh! Ok! There's a terible mistake in my post so, the first link was my last game who's actually still in dev.

    In this topic you have to check the last link!

    Anyway thanks a lot for the solution!

  • Ahah well, to be honest, my fav part of create a game was the graphic part, and then put a looooooooot of some pixelart into!

    Thx a lot!

  • Yup I think it's because of outlines if you think you failed! But try again and again, until you find your style!

    The brief of the game :

    You're an inkman, and you have to make some tatoo for random people, then for each people there's a level, you need to found all the items who compose the tatoo, the three jar of ink on the right top of the screen is your 'life bar". And well, villains and traps of course!

    Just a platform game.

  • wilfryed nice graphics, incredible stylish

  • Yeah! Thank you!

    Now I just need to have the same skill for the level design and game dev! :D

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