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  • If you guys wouldn't mind, please take a minute to play through my first level. Give me any feedback you have on graphics, music, style, new ideas, whatever.

    Leave a comment here or post it in the comments section for the game.

    Thanks all!

    Platformer Test

  • Tekniko Looks great, Plays great! Got a bug right off the bat:

    Player animation got stuck running the jump animation after landing.

    Another thing I noted was your fps counter etc was in the middle of the map and I assume you meant to have it on screen at all times.

    A bit slow/floaty for me but that's just a personal preference!

    Excellent Job!!

  • Tekniko

    everything seems to work fine, plays good...,

    i would make some animations faster, specialy run and maybe jump

    there is a bug when you walk and jump and continue walk, the animation stays in jump

    thats all

    edit: ow yeah more enemies, dont like that the bananas are just over my head in the beginning, i would just run into them sometimes. like the pop sound when jump on enemy, and maybe use the jumpthru behavior.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    -Increased move speed

    -Removed status text

    -Added more enemies

    -Updated layout to reflect increased jump distance

  • Jump animation is broken.

    Otherwise, everything looks just fine.

    Nicely done.

  • I am not too worried about the main character. Those animations are from Scirra and are just being used as filler for now.

  • Spent most of the day updating the graphics and trying to get everything to look right. Uploading the updated version now. Let me know what you think!

  • Updated again. This is the layout I will probably use for level one. Idea, suggestions, comments? Leave a reply!

  • Tekniko , my friend, your code to the animation is broken, not the animation itself. After a jump you got stuck on jumping animation. Get a condition on fall or other plataform behavior related to solve the issue.

  • Updated my WIP.

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  • Nice usage of layers and sprite animation, you could add some kind of text to end like "Thank you for playing" or something right now it is just blank white space, I thought that game just crashed.

  • Ahh yes, that should actually be the level select layout. I would love to update it but right now I am in recovery mode. Somehow Construct 2 decided to delete my .capx because it was corrupted... So Im running off a three day old back up :(

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