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  • So here is the link on my dropbox to the game, Its very messy, very incomplete with out a point and I made it just for fun as a first try after watching some videos and seeing some examples. I'll prob scrap it and do something else after messing around with it for a bit.


    Controls are said on screen but I forgot to add the fact that when you start the game you have to click to actually start playing. Score for the most part is based per enemy, 1, 5, and 10. based on speed and size of enemy. W,A,S,D and space bar to play. Once you reach 250 Pt the game takes you to a cheezy Game over screen and you can click again to return to the start menu lol!

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/5SfVK.jpg" border="0" />

    Most of the graphics in the game are from an Indie games resource site, but the start menu's graphic and controls icon's are made by me. I forgot the name but If anyone wants to know it I'll edit the post with the link I have it in my favorites somewhere. I tried to do a a system where each enemy had different health and would take more dmg than the others. But for some reason When I would set say the heavy enemy which is the big green guy to have 4 Health. Once killing him it would kill all of them in the game and continue to rack up points, Not sure what thats all about. Need more pratice I guess ;P.

    TLDR; crappy game what do you think?, How can I make it better.

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  • G'day,

    I played your game and managed to finish it twice. It's pretty fun and good for a first game.

    The projectiles from the green ships seemed kind of random. I am not sure if this was intentional. I would get shot from way off screen or randomly from the bottom of the screen. Sometimes I would have 10-15 projectiles suddenly come from all angles.

    Some diagonal movement would be a great addition too.

    Out of curiosity did you watch the "How to Make an HTML5 Game" on Youtube by Ayzhong?

  • Yeah I wanted the shots from the green guys to come at diagonal angles but I noticed it would sometimes shoot and it would be from way off screen also so I'm not to sure the problem. Also Yes I did watch that video on you tube by Ayzhong. I was thinking after this little game I would start my own now that I know the basics and this time not follow a tutorial. Also I'm going to go ahead and try to do all the graphics my self.

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