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  • It's one of the ugliest game i never seen !, sorry but it really need better graphics to give us more pleasure playing with it !

    Instead of that some interactions are really interesting ... some area difficult to reach but it's not impossible (good) ... but i never understand why we can't shoot on left side ... to give more difficulty ? ...

    The "car/wagon" mode is fun need perhaps some less automatic motion (ex : press a [up]/[down] alternatively to move and [left]/[right] for the direction ... [space] to go in/out. The shooting laser is useless as car kill all enemies and a little bug as laser can be seen even when targeting accross the ground. Shift-R to reload ok it could be interesting to shoot more than one bullet in a row but perhaps when no ammo make the player auto reload (1 ammo) instead of firing.

    Voila ... ;-p

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  • naelian

    Thank you very much for your honest input your observations plus ideas are solid and have given me alot to work on.

    One question tho, probably obvious however.

    What part is the ugliest the ground? I think so because it's dull brown. A bit more detail on that, would be greatly appreciated thanks again.

    P.S that Compan360 is really cool.

    I'm currently working on shooting left just the animation didn't look good flipped around so I'm redrawing it for left shoot.

  • Hi !, i don't want to hurt you so i will not answer to the question what is the most ugliest part of the game ;-p ...

    No seriously there is a important thing that save your game and it is : it's a real game !!!, it's not like my compan360 project, perhaps beautiful with impressive engine but actually no story, nothing to do and no gameplay, so it's not game.

    I think you could find some good ideas playing with a old msdos game in the same spirit i have really love => Jazz Jackrabbit (a windows version can be found)

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/74282909/jazzjack3.gif" border="0" />

    Yes, this game have also some big sprites sometimes but we forget this after playing 5 secs with it ! ... fast and good gameplay and awesome sounds/music. Really consider taking this game as example and you will be in the good way.

    Perhaps some tips for your game, try first to put it in a small letterbox window, a easy way to make big sprites look better, it will also improve fps for perhaps going toward a more "fast" gameplay, try to make your character more attractive with animations even if player do nothing etc ... it's pretty hard to make a good arcade game ...

    So good luck and may the sprites be with you !

  • I have just received the new Beta release of Spriter, and am redoing everything. Can't wait for my full Retail copy.

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