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  • robin Sommer

    its really good how you have done that

  • <img src="http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5464/8971477781_2782832b29_c.jpg" border="0" />

    I made a little timeline. Behold, the main character (formerly known as Felix) from the very first version till the final. Underneath I've written down small comments about my decisions and actions. The first one was created three years ago! Oh my I'm getting old, and I've worked slow.. ;)

  • This is the most interesting thread about a developing C2 game

  • really interesting seeing the different character designs.. I had noitced the very first one.. on the first screen prototype and meant to ask you at the time.. for me I prefer the most recent two...

    has he had a name change again?


  • pixel perfick; :D Wow, thanks man!

    mineet; Yes, Felix is no more. I have some options now, but I'm not sure yet because I also don't know the name of his sister, for sure, yet :P Their names should make a nice combination since they're brother and sister.

  • It�s great!! nice work / graphics are incredible / amazing sketches and character design process.

    good luck man,,, continue.

  • robin Sommer

    yeh I understand that; should be a nice combination.. will we see the sister?

    I haven't seen any sketches of her; don't think

  • tchem Thank you very much. I'm going, I'm going! ;) I'm trying to approach this project more as a craftman now, not as an artist (only work when there is inspiration). That speeds things up a bit.

    mineet, All in good time. I haven't really worked on her on the computer yet.

  • Your game is going to be Epic!

  • I agree it is going to be an epic..

    there is so much attention to detail... the atmosphere you are creating in your art is amazing...

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  • Haha, the pressure is on! :)

  • I love the idea. Main character looks awesome. Looking forward...

  • Sollaano; Thanks a lot! :D


    I have been way too busy with non game related work and obligations. But today I fleshed out the mansion a bit more. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow so I can destroy it in Photoshop and add the final touches.

    In other news I've been reading this book about writing for games when I'm traveling between work and my home. Really interesting stuff! I'm not a reader but I love to learn this stuff.

    <img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7400/9078160673_e5c41c9ec8_z.jpg" border="0" />

    As you can see I changed the windows, they're not definite yet. And I added the two "towers" in the back. Gives the building more depth and makes it look bigger and therefore more interesting, I think.

  • robin Sommer


    the house is looking good; can't wait to see the finished result..

    whats the name of the book ?

  • Woww.. some nice stuffs u did here! Nice animations.. made on flash? looks very professional =D

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