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  • We've recently released Territory https://seconddimension.itch.io/territory, an action-arcade game made for the Finally Finish Something Jam 2019.

    It is based on Snake (controls are WSAD or arrow keys, plus space), but is also inspired by games like Qix, Cannon Fodder and Advance Wars. It's quite a challenging one, as usual with jam games we didn't have much time to play test or level design, but hopefully you'll find it fun!

  • Maybe it's because I've been playing too many hypercasual games but I didn't find it fun. Everything about it was very slow, even level transitions and death animations. I got the impression whoever made them really liked them and wanted to make sure we looked at them a lot. I understand that if it was faster then switching directions would be even more frustrating to get right so I guess it's just a game for someone with a lot of patience.

    It felt a bit nicer when I gained the power up to draw 3 lanes at once. But even if you have patience I don't think there is any incentive to go back and roll over 100% of the land, I just wanted it to be over. There are some nice ideas, I think maybe they would work well in a cleverly designed multiplayer game where you take over the land of an opponent or something. Well you completed a game so well done :)

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  • Thanks for the feedback :)

    Yeah I take on board the fact that it is too slow for sure. If we do carry on working on it then I've got it noted down to speed up the gameplay, transitions... everything really. It was less that I liked the animations/deaths a lot and wanted people to watch them, and more just a lack of testing/feedback. I had it feeling much quicker to begin with but then wasn't sure so slowed everything down. Should have stuck to my initial instincts.

    Appreciate you taking the time to play the game and give some constructive criticism.

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