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  • I have been working on TDS - Iniquus* on and off for a while now. Got the major idea down, but have a lot more I want to implement.

    I released the first beta version on the Scirra Arcade and would like some feedback from you guys. Make sure to check out the Information to know a little more about the game.

    TDS - Iniquus v0.0.8b quick overview:

      1. Basic "WASD" movements and click to shoot
      2. Three types of guns
      3. Three types of enemies with different AI movements
      4. Upgrade stations for Health, Gun damage, and Increased Movement
      5. Perks dropped from enemies to help out in the fight

    TDS - Iniquus future improvements:

      1. Refine difference between levels (Enemy HP/movements, Gun damage, Upgrade effectiveness/cost)
      2. Redesign map area
      3. Increase types of weapons
      4. Implement a more strategic aspect to the game

    Check out the game and let me know what you think. Any suggestions (even bad ones) are always appreciated as long as they're constructive.


    **Since I can't post link please look it up on the Scirra Arcade website

  • New version is out with improvements!

    TDS - Iniquus v0.0.9b improvements:

      1. Refined the mathematics for the game as whole. It's no longer linear increase
      2. Faster spawn rate of enemies! Better be on the ready
      3. Increased ammo capacity of Rifle and Shotgun
      4. Few extra effects
      5. Added 2 additional leaderboards*

    * Keep in mind Score, being the main leaderboard, is based on accuracy. No spraying and praying!

  • TDS - Iniquus v0.0.9.5b improvements:

      1. Additional art added to gameplay
      2. Corrected where perks would not provide the full power-up
      3. Minor bug fixes

    ***Refresh if logo doesn't show proper version.***

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  • TDS - Iniquus v0.0.9.6b improvements:

      1. New enemy flying unit. Can go over walls, so be careful!
      2. Added HUD to provide additional information
      3. Minor bug fixes

    ***Refresh if logo doesn't show proper version.*** r/Iniquus/

  • TDS - Iniquus v0.0.9.7b improvements:

      1. Great graphic improvements thanks to feedback!
      2. Improvement over guns. Sniper can shoot through multiple enemies!!!
      3. Minor bug fixes

    ***Refresh if logo doesn't show proper version.*** r/Iniquus/

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