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  • Just Tap me is the latest game released by ARCia Developer. This game is an easy type game but can make the player to feel furious because it is quiet difficult to pass through its every level. The game has main character named ZIPI. ZIPI is the icon of Just Tap Me game.

    The game has 3 different modes:

    1. TAP MODE

    In this game all ZIPI characters are inside the bubble and the bubble is falling from above. Player has to pop up the bubble by tapping the bubble, but also has to be careful because of there is bomb that are falling from above, too and if the bomb got tap, it will explode and player will lose score and life point. After character ZIPI get out of the bubble, do not let it touch the bomb or player will die and lose score and life point, too. In this mode, there are also metal boxes that requires player to tap it three times each of the boxes to let go the ZIPI special character. When player survive until time runs out, the player wins and can proceed to the next level.

    1. HOLD MODE

    In this mode, ZIPI will drown to the bottom of the sea. Here player has to save ZIPI by hold down the character ZIPI for around 2 seconds until the underwater helm which needed by ZIPI to breathe attached. The problems is there will be more ZIPI that keep drowned continuously and if player does not attach the underwater helm immediately, then ZIPI will die because of out of air to breathe and will lose score and life point. Player will be able to continue to the next level if player can survive until the time runs out.

    1. MIX MODE

    It can be said that this is the hardest mode between all 3 of modes because player has to save ZIPI that stranded by giving them the aid box, cloth box, and also food box. For the aid box, it is contained inside the bubble and needed to be tapped to release the aid box. For the cloth and food box, it is attached to the falling umbrella and needed to be sliced vertically or horizontally to release the boxes. All of that are necessary in order for ZIPI to survive. But if the bubble is not tapped and the umbrella is not sliced, then they will hit ZIPI on the ground and player will lose score and life point. There is also wood crate here that needed to crack by holding it for around 2 seconds to let the special ZIPI character out of it. If the player do not let out all the special ZIPI characters, then player cannot proceed to the next level.

    In this game, there is also ENDLESS MODE. But this mode can be unlocked if the player has complete all 50 levels of each modes first. This mode is more fun and more challenging because player is more focus about time and endurance. Player also can challenge themselves how far they can go to get the highest score. There is Baby Shark in HOLD MODE that are ready to pounce on the ZIPI.

    Want to know more?? So, just download JUST TAP ME in Google Play Store and will coming soon in iOS App Store.

    “Can You Tap Me Endlessly?”



    OS 5.1.1

    RAM 1GB


    Please feel free to leave a comment or reply below since I want to hear from anyone else that are already tried it.

    If anyone found any error or issue, please feel free to post it here and please provide the following informations along with it (complete device name & which part in the game that contain error or issue)

    Thank you and have fun trying

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  • anyone have try it?

    i hope to hear some words from some fellows here

  • no one ever try it?

    oh, so sad...

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