Tank game - multiplayer using peerJS - wanna play?

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  • I am connected with chrome for the next hour, if someone want to try it out against me, just go to this link in a chrome browser:

    Tank Game

    There is only one room with two players defined right now, so if you get an error 'user2 is already taken', bummers...

    some info on the game:

    The game inspired by the classic atari tank game.

    The game uses peerJS and for now is set to automatically connects and limited to 1 room for now, that means 2 players at a time tops.

    Remember, peerJS is limited to work Chrome Vs Chrome, or FireFox vs FireFox for now.

    Controls and logics:

    Move the tanks with the keyboard's arrows or with the on screen analog stick.

    Fire by touching one of the weapons button or with z,x,c,v,b,a,s,d,f,g on your keyboard (on screen key hints when hovering a button with the mouse)

    You can press Q, to flip the controls from right to left hand layout.

    Each player starts with 200$ (money pickups generated randomly throughout the level), each weapon/powerup cost a different amount of money.

    Each player has a flag and a guard tower that targets the enemy, capturing the enemy's flag and taking it back to your base rewards you with 200$.

    The flag can be snatched back by colliding with it.

    Avoid the helicopter, if you're in it's range it will follow you and shoot on you.

    There are 4 shortcut portals one on each side of the layout.

    The map and minimap are generated randomly by user 1 and then sent to user 2 onConnection.

    weapon types:

    1. bullets

    2. 2 angled missile

    3. drop down dynamite

    4. drop down sawblade (moving object)

    5. speedup for 12 seconds.

    6. homing missile (auto destroyed after 5 seconds, enough time to reach from 1 end of the screen to the other, but also avoidable, with quick maneuvering or using the teleporters)

    7. shield for 15 seconds

    8. flamethrower - stays on for 10 seconds.

    9. invisibility for 15 seconds (also effects minimap)

    10. airstrike - confirmed hit - unavoidable.

  • so... first try conclusions, still needs a lot of work :)

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  • I'm sorry but when it said "??? ?? ?????" ("Ouch you a-hole" in Hebrew) i lost it.

  • I totally forgot about that :)

    It was an inner joke with some of my friends who tested it.

  • Very nice, maybe you can help me put some multiplayer stuff together...my next goal is lan play and web multiplayer. Anything we make from it would be 50/50. :)

  • What is the game concept?

  • Hi

    I am trying to work out how to user PeerJS with construct and would love to look at your code. If you don't want to do this, may be you could at least answer the following post for me :-)

    Based om dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5426011/plugins/peerjsPlugin/rojo_PeerJS.zip, how do I test for a collision between too players.

    Also how did you get your game to start with the players joining automatically?

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