Swing Copters clones, share in here!

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  • As anyone who was aware during the Flappy craze, lots of clones became massive hits themselves.

    I was over 1 month late with my clone because I thought it was lame to clone games.. (it is), but if it taught me anything, money >>> lameness when you are trying to survive as a solo indie dev.

    My very late Flappy clone earnt me enough to buy a Macbook Air & devices to port my games over to iOS.

    Swing Copters has received massive coverage from all the gaming news sites and even normal news site or tv shows have mentioned it. Get in early and take advantage of the search hits and free publicity for your other games too and hope your small investment of time manage to pay your way to making that dream game you always wanted to make.

    Here's mine: Jetpack Monkey Swing

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... packmonkey

    Took me ~5 hours start to finish. C2 is extremely FAST for making simple games (or any other 2D game)!

  • I am also trying to make one but cannot understand how to code it. Can you share basic working of swing copter on capx?

  • It's just vertical Flappy Bird. Which part are you struggling with, the beam/swing or the movement?

  • Actually both. I am very weak in all this.

  • Actually both. I am very weak in all this.

    Definitely take time to learn the basics, play with the Flappy template that comes with C2, you will learn how to do it, then make a unique one and hope for some luck!

  • Thanks for your advice. But at the moment would you mind helping on this please.

  • found your flappy sperm.. "guide a lovestruck Spermie on the ultimate quest for glory!" haha. brilliant!

  • Thanks for your advice. But at the moment would you mind helping on this please.

    I think what silverforce is saying is get your hands dirty... so many folks come here asking others to make their games. Roll up your sleeves and do the flappy bird template, learn it, apply it, and bring back your non working trial and errors and we can guide you.

    Doing it for you, and 2 years from now you will still be asking for capx. Learn the software, there is more to your game than swinging etc... and you will have to build it all.

    edit; I see someone offered to make it for you. But you want to make it yourself. This is great. But you will need to learn the basics. Suggest you go through each of the templates is construct2 - open C2 | New | go down that whole list. Those examples/templates cover everything you need - all the code is there to build any game.

  • Swing Beavers should be in the making

  • Swing Beavers should be in the making

    Looking forward to it, will 5 star!

  • Thanks for the idea Silverforce.

    I haven't always cared for clones myself, but you do raise a good point about money!

    It doesn't hurt to take a simple game design like this or flappy bird to practice you skills.

    Also, it feels good to actually finish a project every now and then!

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  • What fredclips said

    I might actually give it a shot.

  • How did you make the Blades don't make an full rotation?

  • How did you make the Blades don't make an full rotation?



    Magnitude = max angle you want it rotate on each side. Mine is 20.

  • Congrats on your success! It's great to see a C2 game reach a larger audience. That means the engine works well enough.

    Just out of curiosity, did you market your first Flappy game anything?

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