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  • After a few days thinking, I decided to continue developing my first game which is "Sweet Hunter". I have already post it in Arcade. But that is a trial version, I decide to make it a commercial project. So anyone interested in it Please support me on IndieGoGO!!!!Great thank to all you guys!!!

    <img src="http://game.dustedge.com/game/indiegogo.jpg" border="0">

    IndieGoGo Sweet Hunter Project

    Sweet Hunter Offical Site

    Sweet Hunter Introduction

    One day, black evil comes to the world. A little guy found he has a special power on the day evil came.. Evil killed lots of people, but for some reason he could not kill this little guy. From that day, this little guy was called Sweet Hunter. He's finding the way to kill the evil and also looking for who he is.

    What is the current stage?

    We have already finished training level with some basic graphics which tells you how to play that game. The mechanism of this game is fantastic, but there is still lots of further improvements. Right now, Sweet Hunter could jump, move left and right, become bigger, crash the floor, then we will add melee attack in the future.

    What?s next?

    There will be more levels to be added. At least 4 more levels, more enemies and we will redesign the graphic in training level to make it consistent with the feeling of the game.

    Why we need funding?

    We need fund to purchase the full license of the design tool. Also we probably need to hire someone in charge of graphics. We will buy some royalty music which fits into our game.

    Unique Perks

    For people suppurts us,a big thank to them. Also we get some more for people who contribute more, the following will be in the perk lists repectively

    1. A PC version of Sweet Hunter

    2. An html version of "Please Save Me!"

    4. Sweet Hunter Digital copy of Art Book

    5. An NPC will be named after you

    6. Credits your name on our website.

    7.a digital copy of 1280X1024 promote image of Sweet Hunter

    Release Date

    Our target release date is at the end of September 2012

  • Looks funny to play, only played trough level 1-3 but it's funny, continue with it!

    Unfortunely I can't give you money because I'm planning to buy Construct2.

  • devMidgard

    that's alright, at least you played it. thanks to play.

  • just an idea ^^ would you like to do pixel arts?? i think they will looks good you can use the paint from windows to do pixel arts also you don't need to be artist to do them also they will give you some good effects if you use them on right way ^^

    good luck keep the good work ^^

  • zsangerous

    Pixel arts are good, but in this game, I don't prefer pixel arts. Because they give you a different feeling about the game.

  • does it support mobile such as iphone?

    nice game btw :)

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  • noranka

    Thanks, it really depends on how is construct 2 going after few months

  • donated 6usd :)

    good luck with the project

  • about the pixel arts i said before i was talking about the game on chrome store i had confused sorry :P

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