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  • Hi everyone!

    I've been working with Construct2 for a few days on an old idea of mine, called Swap.

    Got most of it implemented, but right now all the graphics and sound are temporary (please don't judge there). Once complete, this will be the first game I ever release onto the web.


    • WASD to move and the MOUSE to swap with stuff (I hope the mouse cursor gives you guys enough feedback on what's swapable and what not).
    • M to mute.
    • In some levels you need to get rid of a certain number of enemies before you can finish.

    dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10338488/Swap/index.html (<img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Sorry, aprently I am too low on reputation and I can't post links.)


    • This is made using the free version, 70 events and 1 effect (including the main menu and congratulations screen).
    • I'd rather not get a paid version, but if you guys have any ideas how I could monetize this, and if you think it would pay off the licence, I'm listening.
    • What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Any bugs? (right now there's at least one... you can push a box inside an enemy and then swapping with it is complicated)
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  • Nice Game!

    Really like the mechanics.

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