Sustainable Development -WIP - Balance physics

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  • Here?s a game I?m working on as part of a game design workshop for a enviromental organization on the topic of Sustainable Development.

    The goal is to balance the same amount of factories, houses and trees on a pivoting platform. It is a work in progress so any comment is welcome.

    It is in spanish but, as I finish it, I?ll do an english version.

    Dropbox link


    CLICK: Create factory/house/tree according to the mouse position over the platform (left side for factories, center for houses and right for trees).

    As soon as you reach the same amount of each kind of object, a 10 second countdown begins. If it reaches 0 without the platform collapsing, you?ll win the game and get a score according to the total number of objects on screen.

    Hope you like it and I?ll keep you updated as I make any progress.

    Music from SNES version of Simcity.

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