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    My first Construct 2 project, only took a couple of days. A re-write of a game of the same name which I wrote for the ZX Spectrum in 1986 (and re-wrote a few months ago using Blitz's Monkey language).

    The aim is simple - Use the 3 droids to move around the maze and collect the Survivors. Click a droid with your mouse to switch between the droids. Droid 1 digs the soil, 2 rescues the Survivors, 3 pushes rocks.

    Avoid the green guardian droids, don't drop boulders onto your droids and don't get trapped!

  • It's a Construct Clasic section, bro...

    New look to the classic Digger gameplay btw. Congrats on your first game!

  • Oh yeah, oops. My bad, oh well, just practicing :)

  • Aside from posting in the wrong section, good job!

    I played the game awhile and it's a brilliant puzzle game, I mean the graphics aren't fantastic but it makes you think.

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  • Thanks, I've managed to post it in the arcade now so maybe it'll get a few plays. I did write it in Monkey a few months ago but I made the levels massive which really spoils it. I think the small rooms do make it more playable as a simple little puzzle game. As you say, with some nice graphics and a few extra levels, it might be ok. Trouble is, I can't do graphics and there's no point paying somebody to do them as there's no hope of recouping the costs.

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