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  • Hi guys!

    The subject doesn't correspond to my game name because it has no name yet

    I don't know if it's the right place to put my .capx but I think my project is near to the end/conclusion.

    The game is more like a "platform shooter survive as long as you can" as I like to call XD

    I want some opinions. Sugestions. Feedback. I don't know. Just download, play a bit and tell me what can I change.

    Now I have some problems like

    • when zombies are at same x and y, zombies stop and change animation.
    • when zombies are at same x but different y, zombies stop and change animation.
    • player aim down/to floor.

    and thats it. This is not a awesome game. Its more like a test for what can I made with Construct 2. At last, I'm studying C++. :)

  • i assume you noticed that when you move and shoot at the same time it shoots from his foot (where the origin is set)

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  • Dittos OrangeTapioca. Maybe the platform levels could be more clear? You can jump from one level to the next, but can't really see any distinction between them. I think to create a greater sense of threat, zombies should start coming at you faster from both sides, and maybe the character should be able to crouch so he can jump up to escape but still be able to fire back effectively.

  • Wow. I haven't noticed that OrangeTapioca. Thanks. It's fixed now XD

    RandomExile. Yeah! I'll change the spirtes. Thanks for this sugestion. And about zombies I still don't know exactly how to solve this. I'm having a problem with respawn. I want to make them colide with other just for they're not be at the same space but when I do that sometimes they spawn above other zombie.

    Uhn. I think if the character can crouch it'll make the game too much easy. My sugestion is just to make the player can aim to down.

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