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  • So, for my second game, I really wanted to make a mobile spinoff of Pikachu's Beach from Pokemon Yellow.

    Naturally, since I already had some code from Glider Rush, I thought I would see what I could really do with an auto-runner style game that wasn't flappy bird clone X.

    Surfer Saga

    (Since I can't post URLs, just search this in the play store)


    Was pretty happy with this one.

    Not sure why the hell I wanted to use a Fly for the surfer, but meh, don't think it's been done before.

    Every again is pretty much hand drawn. Music is custom. Backgrounds are stock images, but I haven't made a final decision on what to do with those yet.

    The ending scene was something I loved doing. Although I want to go back and start from a wider board instead of a square canvas.

    Anyway, enjoy

  • Hey, this game looks like it has some good potential! Can you please send me the mobile web version to my email address "" and I will see, if we would like to buy a sponsorship for it


  • I'll send it here in a bit, glad you like it.

    I have some more I want to add to add, but that's time management more than ability.

  • Yeah, sure - just send it to my email: ""


  • Do you have this posted online anywhere that we can try through a website? Truthfully, I'm being lazy and my phone isn't within reach right now.

  • I don't actually, I had to recompile for Andre's request to include some things I cut out, but I'll put up a demo on my dropbox shortly

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  • Wow cool ! , I have downloaded now to my HTC One

    How long it takes too make a game like that ?




  • sero

    It took more time to measure turning and what to do with the waves than anything.

    I actually had a ton of fun making this game. One thing I have gotten very comfortable with is WebStorage. I also learned some great things about Layouts, and keeping it to a minimum.

    The game overall took me about two flat weeks. But that was including my Sys Admin job, as well as time with my gf and video game playing

    I would say, hour wise...maybe less than 24 actual hours put into it.

    There are some things I would like to add, such as a leaderboard, and clean up some graphics. Maybe add a multiplayer mode. It's on a list of things to add, but first I want to finish the next game I'm working soon

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