Supreme Defender: Arborea under attack!

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  • Hi,

    Today I have released my second game but the first to be completed with men?, music, fx and win and lose quotes.

    I have also created a little website for Italian people with le story and the instruction.

    To play is very easy.

    Use the stilus or the mouse ( I used the touch object to move the player, so I hope that this game is full playable to tablet... I hope... ghgh ) to move the character and hit the enemy to kill them.

    If the enemy guns at you, you lose 1 point of life...

    If the enemy attack and make to much damage to your planet... You lose...

    If you have low energy ( Your max is 10 life point ) go and land to your planet to restore your energy.....

    There is a lanet, a desert panet called Mo-on on the right.... if the enemy hit this lanet the enemy lose 1 life point....

    You are an hero who defend his own planet from the attack of the evil Infectors... mecchanical or biological lifeform who attacked your galassia an other planets... the first planet who falls was Mo-on now You must wait and resist 300second... 5 minutes until the Intergalactic allies can join the defence and helps you....

    You must resist and defend your planet, Arborea, for 5 minutes... the enemy MUST BE KEEPPP AWAY FROM THE PLANET....

    Youtube video:


    The Game:

    Here the game

    Italian Website, for now nothing of special I hope in the future to update a little bit ^_^''''


    Graphics made with Gimp by me, audio from the bundle asset and some fx made using Audacity by me!!!

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  • Kain The Supreme

    looks good on the youtube link..

  • mineet; This mean that U have play the game but don't like it?!?! Why You don't like it, if is this the mean of your reply!?!?

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