Super Pilot: Die Hard

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You must shoot down the enemy planes and eliminate them to earn points.
  • Well this is my first project with C2 and it was quite a learning experience. Check it out and share your thoughts please.

    On the Play Store

    Https:// ... superpilot

  • Hola PhoenisNightly,

    the images were looking pretty cool, and I wanted to install the game untill I got this message:


    Deze app heeft toegang tot deze machtigingen:

    Uw locatie

    geschatte locatie (netwerkgebaseerd)


    volledige netwerktoegang

    netwerkverbindingen weergeven


    telefoonstatus en -identiteit lezen


    de inhoud van uw USB-opslag aanpassen of verwijderen


    testtoegang tot beveiligde opslag

    Van invloed op de accu

    voorkomen dat apparaat overschakelt naar slaapmodus

    Okay, it's all in Dutch but basically it says that it will have access to my whereabouts, my current location it will track, it has access to all my network functions, all my phone messages, my phone status, my sorry to say, but for a simple mobile game it wants to know a little bit too much from me then is good. I would advise you to somehow change this.

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  • Hello being that it has ads I think that is why its set that way for location. I packaged with Cocoonjs and it would be nice if Google explained why the app needed it. The status of your phone is so that it will pause the app of any incoming calls so the app needs to read you phone state to see if it goes into incoming call mode and 'PAUSE' the game. Network of course for ad access.

    But I collect no information, not to keen on collecting personal info. But as you can see from my security software it doesn't do anything. But no different than any other app with ads.

  • For desktop players you can try out my first game with C2 here <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> ... ard/25821/

  • Hello;

    Just a couple advices,

    Sometimes the first obstacle is the mountain, and its almost impossible to dodge it.

    Played pc version, it's frustrating to click with mouse then move hand to keyboard to play it. Pressing any key could restart the game and it would be nice.

    It's difficult and I love difficult, but difficulty comes from the control mechanism. There is no way to just fly straigt. You always go up or down, never straight. It makes the narrow, challenging passes extremely difficult and sometimes luck involved. Passing them does not make me feel proud, only lucky. I would advice a fly-straight mechanism as well.

  • Thanks windwalker. Yes I have notice that mound and will have to shorten it. Key board press to start gotcha.So maybe have it level out when the key isn't pressed. Your input is much appreciated!!

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