Super Pickle Man Vs.

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  • Hi all,

    My Name is Jonathan, I'm an artist who aspires to make games. My 1st is Super Pickle Man Vs. I know it sounds strange, my 5 year old came up with the character and I have developed a game around it. The game's goal is simple, get from the start sign to the end sign as fast as you can. The style is platformer, target age group, 5+. The "Vs." comes in with the intergration. This allowed me to add a leader board system. The game works great in Chrome on a desktop or laptop. I have made mobile controls, but the performance is spotty on the smartphones and tablets I've tested. This community is great and it has helped me go from zero to a working game. As a non coder, something I thought impossible. I hope you have fun with the game and if you have any questions or comments please post!

    BTW the desktop controls are...

    Move left and right: left and right arrow keys

    Jump: control key

    Duck: down arrow key

    In game menu: escape key

  • I must be bad because I had a hard time jumping up to the first ledge, and couldn't complete the level even trying to jump on the snails to get other places (which I could never do).

  • Fun :) I like the name "Super Pickle Man"

    I found a bug in level 1.2 though. When you're at the top of the level on the right side, there is an invisible wall. I was able to wall jump all the way up, get on top of it, and then fall all the way to the bottom of the level outside of the screen. I wasn't able to get back up by wall jumping either.

    An invisible ceiling there would be a quick and easy way to prevent this :)

    This was on the desktop. I don't have a smartphone to play with the mobile version.

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  • Beat it!

    285,636 points! But I didn't do the thing. That last level is a long one! And those birds!

    Fun stuff. Great job :D

  • Thanks for the feedback so far! Ok baised on the comments so far let me say a couple of things. Here are some game play tips.

    On a computer the controlls are:

    Move right and left: right and left arrow keys

    Jump: control key

    Duck: down arrow

    In game menu: escape key

    Pickle man can double jump and wall climb.

    The wall climb is not as tight as I would like, still working on that.

    I plan on making a tutorial level with the next update.

    I will fix that bug in world 1.2

    Again, thanks for the feedback, please keep it coming.

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