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  • Hi All,

    Here is my new game Super Hero Boy, just released on iOS.

    Please check it out! Please leave a review if you could.. nobody ever leaves a review on iOS!

    Many thanks





  • Nice work!

  • how many levels you have?

    What host are having?

  • Hi statham

    It's 12 levels..6 are free and 6 more are an iAP that also removes ads.

  • By paying cash unlock new levels and eliminates ads?

    I am creating a game for ios, and not how to monetize it. Lite, IAP, 0.99

    My game has about 100 levels

  • aquinn, It looks great. Could you let me know how did you manage to add IAP for iOS? I am trying to add C2 - IAP and export the app using Cordova. When I try to test from my sandbox tester account in itunesconnect, then nothing happens as I click on the iAP products. No pop-up nothing...Just stays as it is...BTW, I am adding a non-consumable product. Please let me know.

  • kmsravindra I used cranberry's plugin for IAP. I'm building with the Intel XDK, target is iOS8.

    I followed Ashleys' tutorial, here: which give a few pointers. With some playing around I got it to work. Cranberry has a sample capx with his plugin which is a useful guide too.

    Make sure you sign out of your iTunes account on the device so you are prompted to login with your test account when you try to make a purchase.

    In the CAPX make sure to add the product and then request the store listing at the start of the layout. Also check the store is available before making a purchase. Store the purchased products in Web Storage so the App remembers what non-consumable was purchased.

  • statham Yes, that's the idea first 6 are free, and if people like it, then they can pay to get rid of ads, and get 6 more levels.

    Actually, I'm not sure it's be best way to monetize on a low volume game. I've had more revenue from games with ads.

    There is so much choice on the App Store that a user can just try another game rather than buy an IAP.

  • Thanks

    The problem is that I followed all the steps but still the app remains dumb doing nothing...Here is my screenshot. I am requesting the store listing on start of layout after adding the product id --> then the text sets to "Requesting store listing". If the store listing is successful, then the text should turn to "Request triggered" and if the store listing is unsuccessful, the text should turn "Request failed". But none of them happen and it just shows "Requesting store listing" forever. Not sure what is that I am doing wrong...The only thing is I am using Cordova CLI - Xcode to build/run my app rather than IntelXDK route...I believe that is pretty much the standard approach to use Cordova...

    Edit - I tested with IntelXDK and it works. I didnt understand why it should be biased to IntelXDK only while other C2 functionality and C2 official plugins work fine w/o intelXDK?

  • kmsravindra

    The official IAP plugin adds these 3rd party plugins to an XDK exported project:

    <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="cc.fovea.plugins.inapppurchase" intelxdk:value="cc.fovea.plugins.inapppurchase" />

    <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling" intelxdk:value="com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling" />

    If you add the first one (iOS) to the project with Cordova CLI, then it should be OK.

    I guess the official plugin is a front end to these 3rd party plugins.

  • aquinn, Correct...Thats what I too figured out. But when I go to cc.fovea.plugins.inapppurchase there are several folders and I didnt understand what to add where in the final Xcodeproject folders...I hope Ashley could help and add it to the C2-IAP manual as well. If you happen to know this by any chance, then please let me know. Thanks!

  • kmsravindra I've added plugins manually with Phonegap CLI, but it should be the same for Cordova

    The important bit is to run the command from the correct directory...took me a while to figure this out as the directory structure is quite confusing on a CLI project.

    Open your app folder at the command prompt, e.g. /platform/iOS/yourAppName/

    At the command prompt type: phonegap plugin add cc.fovea.plugins.inapppurchase

    You may need to run: cordova plugin add cc.fovea.plugins.inapppurchase

    And it should add the plugin correctly... hope it works.

  • Hello, you who did the graphics, or bought in Graphicriver?

  • Thanks I finally got it working. There was one more plugin as well that needed to install which I missed earlier - corodova inapp browser. With both of these plugins now its working

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  • derikvlog It's a mix of my own work and some from GR.

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