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Bounce the ball and try to keep it bouncing and prevent it from falling down for as long as you can.
  • Hi All!

    My Second game developed with C2 is: Super Frenzy Ball

    It's a simple arcade game where is set a ball physics.

    Too in this game (like The BABA Adventure) you will play in the world of the BUBU Family, but this time you will be able to select your preferred BUBU member.

    Super Frenzy Ball is available for PC/Mac.

    Thanks for your feedback!


    Here I am testing a game version (with match set at 10 seconds) with installed un unofficial playatomic plugin to manage a leaderboard.

    Someone can try it and give me a feedback of the score post?

    I can't to post the score and I don't know if is a problem of my pc.


    <img src="" border="0">

  • Hello Dysotek ;-p ... your leaderboard test works fine the first time i play ... after this first game others (without reloading the game) make scores display don't work. It's difficult to say if score post work the first time just because i'm really bad at your game and so with little time it's difficult to make a score that allowed me to be in first page of the scores list !

    A++ friend


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  • as naelian said , also the ball sometimes get 3-4 hits from the player and it get crazy i think you need to fix that ^^

  • Really ? ... i test the full scirra arcade version (with no leaderboard ext. plugin) and i notice no bugs as you describe ! ... the link provide in forum with leaderboard seems to be a little example only for testing leaderboard feature as so perhaps with big bugs ... i let dysotek ask you more ! ;-p

    Perhaps are you using "IE" ?

    (Add) seems that the "PC/MAC" link given in first post is a full version with leaderboard ;-p

  • @zangerous

    I think you mean this feedback:

    -make the characters squares or make the collision space perfect because sometimes i feel something weird as i said before..

    I have set the characters with round collision points

    <img src="" border="0">

    Here you can play SFB, with the leaderboard, at 1024x768

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