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  • Hello everybody,

    I give you today a little sample of my project to create some sun/light/fire effects ... so i create "sungen" and give you access to the project to test different settings and make your own system !

    Actually i use sprites and not particle objects but i will provide alternative settings in future builds

    Your can test it HERE

    Or download the capx project file HERE

    ENjoy !

  • interesting yet cool and nice :)

    thank you for sharing with us

  • I think it would improve if you could make it smoother. Maybe slow it down and have the sprites fade out slower.

  • Thanks for report men,

    Yes, it's just a try and will be improved in time.

    Particles objects are still the best for performance but the lack of generated particles rotating effect don't give a so pretty nice effect than sprites for creating a sun. So, with sprites, a sun on mobile device is really small ... but works well ! ;-p

    I works on a Fireball/Flamethrower/Dragon breath effect using particles that seems already nice too ... i'll put them in project later ;-p

    ENjoy !

  • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • I think using just 2 sprites if an easier and more realistic way to achieve an animated sun. It would be interesting to see if you can also manage random solar flares/ arcs.

    I removed all events and used sine behaviour on all sprites. The background fades as the sun get's brighter.

    The effect i described earlier seems kinda fiddely.

  • Thanks Sami for samples

    I don't try to do something perfectly realistic... but something which give a sun feeling. I think your light effect is better than mine but the inner part seems photo like and need more live (see the effect under the mouse cursor in my project when not moving ... it's more something like that that i want for the inner part).

    So perhaps considering 3 parts ... 1?/ inner sun ... 2?/close light effects 3?/more far light effects ... I will work on that now.

  • Yes i liked the effect for the mouse!

    I understood what you were trying to achieve though. Perhaps the 3 parts work out better. I don't think you need many instances for a static object though, because it just makes it look jittery if it goes too fast.

  • Hello guys !

    New release for sungen ... you can find the result and the project .capx at the same url as before so test and use it it's free !

    Now the sun is quite different ... less "jittery" (sami1337 will appreciate) ;-p) and create with 3 parts :

    1?) "Inner" (sprite) ... the sun ... a "ball" with slow rotate effect ... can be improve but the most important is the shape.

    2?) "Near" (particles) ... near light/heat waves "pin" with "Inner" ... changing settings can give +/- more bright sun or other fun effects.

    3?) "Far" (sprite) ... far light effects, "pin" with "Inner" so slow rotate effect too.

    ENjoy !

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  • Nice job! It is very smooth on my PC.

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