Suicide Jumper

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  • Check it out! It's a simple but very hard game.

    You won't get your score unless you land safely with your parachute open.orI'm interested in every feedback!


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  • Nice! and this games is funny and very difficult.

  • Myristavia

    Man is this game only had 1 level?

    btw, this game inspired me!

  • Instead oft lets rock you should write reply/again.

  • nice game!! difficult enough to make you re-try a lot until you understand the arts of the "trampoline_jetpack_parachute" comboness

    second on the "all time High score" : V

  • Might seem like a small thing, but I hate it when I can't continue instantly after dying - especially in small arcade games like this. Give the player the option to skip all that unnecessary wait time and instantly jump again.

  • I tried it but it seems my screen is too big for the game. Nothing happens when I touch the right and left side of the screen on the lower part of the phone. I have to touch the left and right side on the top of the phones screen to make him go left and right. Does your invisible touch triggers scale correctly for bigger divices?

    So as you can see on the picture nothing happens when I click on the lower part of the screen.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3


  • Thank you for the feedback! I'm happy you enjoyed.

    I tested it on a note 3 and everything was ok. Did you install the android version from the play store or just tried the browser version?

    It still needs some bugfix and game play fixes

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