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  • Hi fellows!,

    Check it out my new gamebook, at the style of choose your own adventure but more vandalic.

    Spanish and english text.

    Ratings and comments are welcome.

  • I understood exactly nothing.

  • The name doesn't inspire me. Is it supposed to be some porn thing or something?

  • Rasputin

    Highly inappropriate subject wording for a forum that has a large proportion of children visiting. Please amend.

  • It´s just a gamebook with a stupid script. It´s nothing about porn.

    The main character is a 35 years old guy trying to lose his virginity.

    zenox98 I don´t understand why should I amend. Only because the word "f***" is in the tittle of my game?.

    Sex is a normal thing, and children are looking for it in porntube.

    What happen about games with guns where you have to kill people, is that ok for children?

    If you tell me again I will change the subjet of the topic because I don´t want to be banned, but I´m not agree and I don´t undertand your point of view.

  • Sex is a normal thing, and children are looking for it in porntube.

    still its not a appropriate title from various reasons

  • In my game can happen two things: You arrive to the end and you "make love" or you die in the way.

    Is for that reason that the titlle is : F*** or die.

    I know the script is so so so stupid, I agree with that. But in the game there is no situations of real sex, and if you see in google play is +16 aged.

    If there are children in the forum it´s ok, there are adults as well.

    F*** is a verb that means to f***, you could say "make love" if you are more confortable.

    What about if the name of my game were: Total war.

    There are a lot of violence on that tittle, because you know what a war means, but probably nobody says something.

    But sex is a really stupid taboo.

    So educate your children as you want, but let me put the tittle I want to my games.


    (I repeat: if Im going to be banned for the tittle of the topic or for say my opinion, just let me know, and I will change the tittle of this post).

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  • Rasputin i understand, its a good title since represents the gameplay, but since this is a forum, and a place on internet where people rarely swear or are sometimes a bit rougher in their speech, none so far was so direct with their game title, you could atleast use F#!@ or Die ... for purpose of obeying the rules atleast.

    plus as i can see the real name of the app is this "CHOICES GAMEBOOK : CYOA VOL. 1" atleast please stop arguing when your intentionally doing this to test the repercussions of being "unfiltered" in speech.

    more info about your game bellow, you could'v re-posted that.

    "Choices game book : ekdu vol.1 is a crazy gamebook adventure. You have to take difficult and crazy choices to modify the game flow.
    Choose your own adventure carefully. You can be a good guy or a bad guy, it is up to you.
    You will take the rol of an anti-hero, a virgin 35 yeasrs old guy working on a Mac Burger trying to lose his virginty. 
    The adventure occurs through one day long in wich you have to choose your own adventure taking choices and fight with some stupid enemies that will try to make the things difficult to you.
    This gamebook is in the style of the classics of Choose Your Own Adventure but more vandalic.
    • Attributes as power, strength,money and life, so you can die.
    • One choice can change everything.
    • You choose your own path.
    • According to the choices you take, different options will be available to you.
    • Fightl crazy monsters and stupid enemies, or avoid them using your dialectic skills.
    • Choose to be the bad guy or the good guy. It´s up to you
    • Nice music and sound effect, if you don´t like you can mute it.
    • Crazy illustrations make by hand.
    • The luck is a factor in the game. So, yor path will be modify.
    • Explore the alternative ways.
    • Spend your money wisely, you have to pay some debts.
    • Experience an original and crazy story, specially created for this format.
    • Crazy talking and bad speaking gamebook with original situations.
    This game was created by El Cuerno del Unicornio Games and Apps, this is my first choose your own adventure gamebook, if it is welcome I will create more improved gamebooks.
    You can follow new games and apps on my facebook website:
      www[dot] elkuernodelunikornio/
    Do you have any doubt or suggestion? Please let us know. Contact us at elkuernodelunikornio[at]gmail[dot]com"[/code:3ndch0xr]
  • The main character is a 35 years old guy trying to lose his virginity.

    Sex is a normal thing, and children are looking for it in porntube.

    You arrive to the end and you "make love" or you die in the way.

    In other words, it is some type of porn thing.

  • It´s not allow in GooglePlay to use this kind of words in your tittle, so I had to modificate it. But still inside the app F%$· or d%$ is the real name.

    I´m going to take your suggestion and modify the subject of this post.

    Aurora Australis My game is thousands of miles away from porn. Still is +16

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