Stuffed Apocalypse

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  • I still have alot of work todo, but this is my first game in construct and wanted to share it with yall. The idea came from a friend of mine, cause I love all things zombies. Aint much to show now, just basically setting up the features and such.

    Link is always being updated as I add more stuff so check back often.

    Stuffed Apocalypse


    Late at night in a toy store, something goes wrong as the stuffed animal begin to become zombies. As a lone Teddy Bear, you must defend against the horde of Stuffed Zombies.

    Been working on this for about a week now so still a rough idea, and still learning so feed back/Improvement tips always a plus!

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  • For the first level, maybe the stuffed dogs can die with one hit, or give the bear a health bar?

    I may just suck, but it's very challenging to get beyond the first part with the music box and explore the rest.

    Love the animation and graphics so far. :)

  • Thank, been trying to revise the first lvl alot, not that great at lvl design so taking some work, will be adding in a few new weapons and monsters soon.

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