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  • Hello everyone !

    My name Tran Anh Thi from Vietnam (live near creator of flappy bird about 1km ) and finally i fisnished my game for mobile using C2 and cocoonjs, It's early game, i'll need a lot of improvement but after tested on my galaxy s2 and note 3, galaxy tab 1, the game run very good and smooth.

    you can play it here : ... reetKungfu

    Some screenshoot here:

    Play the game, and give me some feedback about gameplay ,bugs etc... or maybe invite some of your friend play it too, thank you all !

    bonus a very small game: ... ngfutoilet

    The goal of the game is fight to the death.

  • ludei you guys, just don't forget C2 member, because we do need something can work with c2 like Googleplay service, facebook etc...

  • Looks excellent. It's amazing what good art can do to a game

  • Enjoyable game

    Downloaded and rated for you

  • Thank jayderyu and DARTH Crusher , your kind word help me keep making game.

  • Very fun game, but allow me to give feedback:

    1. When pressing lots of attacks at once, the fight sound fx overlap each other and start to sound very messy.

    2. The restart of level after dying takes too long, probably disable the stage name (~5 seconds) on reload of level (only show it once).

    3. A suggestion on the touch location for attacks, top, middle, low on each side. Perhaps add a very faint transparent button around each location you want players to touch? Very faint just noticeable so players will consistently able to perform moves immediately (from the first play!).

    #1 you can fix with a sub event: 1 = choose(1,2) = play audio, so it plays the sound every 2nd attack, it should help for fast spamming of attacks.

    #3 is purely personal taste.

    I give 4/5 and will give you a rating on GPlay ASAP.

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  • Thank for your advice, i'll take a look all of the bug and comment about the game, and fix it or try to change it out.

  • farsmile90 I saw your new game, Crazy Patagon, looks cool. Did you use the WebGL effect Glow Horizontal/Vertical for those objects/text? I ask because previously I tried using that and it ran very slow on mobile devices.

  • No, i don't use webgl, i've draw and made it by Flash cs6, if i use webgl for my game, it'll be a lag dance party.

  • Your art looks great, pro but not generic. Looks like it would suit mobile perfectly.

    Curious though: why brown blood?

  • Thank TiAm, i try my best on the art, but to much thing to worry about not just graphic , and blood is brown because i'd like person under 13 years old can enjoy the game too.

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