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  • Hi guys

    Im new to C2 but for like 2-3 weeks i manage to do this

    Strategy game

    The art assets i made earlier, so those 2-3 weeks i was working only on C2

    I had no recent experience with programming, altho im in the game industry for more than 10 years now as environmen artist.

    It was amazing what i did for such a short time in C2. Thank you guys for making such a nice programing tool for non programmers!!!

    So if anyone look at it, pleasy know there is no gameplay yet implemented, you can only place buildings and walls. Make attention to walls, it took me 4 days to make that behaviour... With 1 or 2 small glitches i think they behave allright.

    NB/ Btw if anyonke knows how to stop the blurring of some of the assets when zooming out, pls tell me :)

  • No wonders your art is so amazing. :)

    Instantly it reminded me of settlers. I am charmed.

    i hoping to see more releases to play arougd with.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • Wow amazing!

    I had no idea how did you how to create roads and walls according to grid and connect

  • vry nice, I liked the kind of game that could create

  • Thanks alot guys

    It means alot for me

    This project is just starting but my intentions are to get it to the end... hopefully :)

    If you are interested Joan i can post the capx but im afraid its quite a mess. Even for me is hard to find my way around.

    I'll keep the game updated so if anyone is interested can check it out now and then.

  • Really a nice game engine. Keep it going!

    Good Work.

  • I really like the design. Can't wait to see how you implement gameplay!

  • Hi, yeh, nice start... keep doing. For me the assets are not blurred on zoom out or zoom in. Cheers.

  • Reminds me of The Settlers, Cultures, The Nations... Loved The Settlers since the first one, but somehow the latest ones (except the settlers 2 remake) lost their character due to the change of graphics style and story telling. Really a promising and very ambitious project so far. I really hope it keeps that cute comic style and hope to see some animated people soon.

    Big respect to you Pakost and one eye on this project.

  • looks like a good start. Love the art assets. Are you going to show us an update?

  • Wow!

  • Very nice :)

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  • impressive start!!!!! <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • There is a Unit update if anyone is interested :)

    Still needs alot of polish but the base is done.

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