Story of Robin: The Adventures of Robin

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  • The story of a young prince named Robin. Who lived a happy life in the castle with his family. But once Big John came, captured the castle and killed his whole family.

    Little Robin managed to hide in a tree trunk on the edge of an enchanted forest and avoid death. He had to survive alone in the forest, learn to wield a bow and arrow. Over the years, he became strong and wise. He did not abandon the desire to avenge the death of his relatives and return his castle. This time has come!

    You meet Robin at the beginning of his adventure. Help him in the difficult passage of the game. After all, the kingdom is immersed in chaos and madness guarded by enemies and bosses.

    Now you are an experienced archer. You have a faithful bow, a pack of arrows and a great desire to take revenge on John. You are waiting for runners from enemies and behind them. You have to jump on the platforms and shoot from the bow. Collect coins and complete levels with increasing difficulty in this adventure platform game.


    ● Multiple lives, dangerous enemies and difficult bosses

    ● Traps and tricky obstacles in your way

    ● Adventure on many levels and adventures

    ● An interesting platformer with shooting and jumping

    Dowload on google play

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