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  • Hey guys! Just wanted to share a little project I'm working on. Here goes: (little demo link a bit below)


    ?Another morning has come.

    Yet, the scenery remains unchanged.

    I?ve been in this house for a long time now. I can't even remember the first morning here I woke up to and I haven?t seen a soul since.

    However, every morning, I wake up to a tended house. There?s food on the table and washed clothes in the wardrobe. I?ve thought about getting out but, why should I? I have anything I need. My invisible host keeps me fed and provides me with what I need. I?ve grown accostumed to my solitude. I?m at peace here...?

    The Guest wakes up."


    Stillness is a short sidescroller adventure game for the PC and Web, inspired in tone and/or gameplay by games like 5 Days a Stranger, Home, Silent Hill and Lone Survivor but leaning more toward mystery than horror.

    The game follows the story of the Guest, a conformed captive in a luxurious and secluded house in the woods, and how his quiet and prolonged stay in this haven is disturbed by someone... Or something.

    The game is being developed in Construct 2 and all visual assets and music are also being done by me in various other softwares.

    The development of Stillness is going steady and there's already working gameplay with final assets done. However, I prefer not to give it a release date just yet. I expect I'll have some more tough obstacles to plow through and it might take longer than I expect.

    Coding (if you can call it that in construct 2. It's so easy!) is mostly done. Need to code individual events but the text system, that was for me the hardest part to get working, is fully functional.

    Visual Assets are going strong. I'm primarily an artist so this part is the easiest for me.

    Music is by far the most advanced part of the project. Got really inspired lately and ended up pretty proud with what I came up with so far.

    Finally, here's a little mechanics and visual demo for your enjoyment/critique:

    It's tiny but hey, it's something and the only thing I'm ready to show just yet.

    I hope this little introduction served to whet your gaming appetites, even if only a bit. You guys have already been a big help by helping me out when I had questions and by asking (and answer) them before me in other threads.


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