Stickman Cricket League ! (Realistic and Smooth Game-play)

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  • Hey guys,

    My new game is particularly for the Cricket lovers out there..

    Stickman Cricket League (SCL)

    is a game where the you (batsman) have FULL control on your shot selection. Hit the ball for maximum runs using the best Angle, Timing, Placement and Power --Only talent works in this game, not bugs

    Automated Bowling with varying pace of full-toss, slow bouncers, short deliveries, and yorkers!

    Try it out, submit your highscore Online

    Play Store:

    Youtube Video (Game-play):

    Please rate and review - I will be waiting for your feedback.

  • Can I please get some feedback?

    You don't have to be a Cricket fan or expert to play this game. I think its addicting user-friendly game-play would make it equally interesting for anyone.

    Please try it out and review. Thanks !

  • One feedback at least? Please?


  • Howzit Hasnan999

    The mechanics and idea is pretty good. I would have liked to see a bowler in the game instead of the ball just coming in from off screen. I think if you take this framework, evolve it and build on it you might have something good on your hands. Overall a good little game to play while you waiting in a queue. Cheers.

  • Thanks dcadjust for your feedback!

    I did exactly that.. Evolved it further by adding a Reverse sweep shot, Net Practice Mode, Worldwide Records & Rankings, and Teams to choose from and I have got a lot of engaged users now

    AND.. I made a Video Trailer as well:


  • Wow. I see 1000 to 5000 installs. That's great man. I hope it grows by a million more. I don't mean to pry, but may I please ask. With the total installs you have are you at least making some money?

  • Thanks dcadjust I do have Admob Ads running in there - placed wisely without disruption to the game.

    Now, since you asked, here is my stats so far, but I'm sure it will improve since I'm going to start doing some targeted advertisements soon:

    Total Installs: 1200

    Total users who have not uninstalled the app: 400 (current installs)

    Total number of regular users who play my game almost everyday: ~25 to 30

    Total revenue earned by those regular users: $0.3 to $0.4 per day. so far

    It's not that bad, because I can see users taking a lot of interest in the game, which means, if I find some 'relevant' audience, they are surely going to become "regular" and will probably "share" my app with more relevant audience - that can magnify my revenue accordingly.

  • Not bad at all. Thats what we aim for. If it kicks off and your installs become a lot you are good to go. I also use admob. How do you get your banner so small? Mine is way bigger. Good luck with your game mate.

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  • Thank you dcadjust,

    I don't really know, but if I have to guess there could be two things that may affect the size of the banner:

    1) I am using Admob through Mopub via CocoonJS (Ludei) exporter and publisher. (not Cordova)

    2) I have made this game with a 1920 x 1080p resolution, so I think the ads adjust based on the screen resolution of the phone instead of screen size.

    Not really sure though if that's the reason.

  • How did you achieve so many downloads? :O

  • How did you achieve so many downloads? :O

    Out of the 1200+ installs (in the first month), I got 600 installs from the Admob Promotion that I launched for about 7 days through Fullscreen Ads of my own app showing in one relevant country.

    The remaining 600+ installs is a good surprise for me too. I believe it is due to the "Share on Facebook" feature within my app, which is highly productive even if a few users share my app on Facebook (because they are sharing with 100s of friends).

    With my latest Update, I have added a "Share on Facebook" condition to unlock "Teams". I think this will positively push all relevant users to share with more relevant people (friends). If this goes as planned, I could gain sufficient regular installs without manually "$promoting$" my app anymore!

    I'll update it here on how it goes... Give me about a month to analyze the stats!

  • good luck with that and thank for the reply. I am still curious tho why did you only choose 1 country and not several or global? thank you

  • Very nice Hasan999!

    How much did you pay for your campain?

    I want to do the same with my game but ill do it after i update it and add facebook share in it.

  • Thanks dimitriosfl - Yes I suggest properly update and finalize your game then promote. One mistake that I did was during my Admob campaigns I was updating my game, and the problem is: not everyone updates! So I'm stuck with half my audience with Facebook share option while the rest are still playing an older version.

    Well, campaign costing is a tricky question but let me summarize, based on my experience:

    You are charged only when the person clicks on your ad. (You will not be charged if it showed 10,000 times and no one clicks). You can also see the "conversions" (how many people actually Installed your game among those clicks), this updates normally after 24 hours though.

    The cost per ad is mainly dependent on the country where your Ad will be shown (due to the currency differences). I suggest narrowing it down by having different campaigns with selected (targeted) countries only. That helps a lot.

    For example, Cricket games are most famous in India (comparatively speaking), and based on that country, I had to pay only $0.01 per ad click. Whereas, if you promote your game in UK, USA, Australia etc then set your AD/click to around $0.5, because for these countries it will charge your $0.1 to $0.5 per ad click.

    Hopefully this will help..

  • Thank you very much for the advice!

    I try to use cranberrygame_CordovaFacebook_2.0.27 plugin for facebook sharing with no results so far.

    If i manage to make it work, ill start my campain right away..

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