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  • Very excited to have our first application now available in Apps stores.

    Steve Storm and the Tables of Doom is a tables application to help kids practise their tables in a fun but educationally sound manner.

    Apple Store

    Android Google Play

    We are still putting up our support site and arcade to host web version so we are not pushing it at the moment.

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  • One of the major problems we are having is that our app does not work with

    Ipad 1

    Ipod Touch

    a host of crappy android phones

    However, there does not appear to be any way to limit our app to these devices.

    How are other people handling incompatibilities? I have set iOS to version 5 or better, maybe I should up that?

  • Check out our arcade, Steve Storm was made using Construct 2

  • Looks really nice, feels well polished! I like it! :)

  • Thanks vee41

    We have had many people go to the site yesterday and some are complaining that the game will start they open a few screens to the menu and then all of a sudden as they transition to another layout the screen goes white and remains that way. Some have reported that it is ok in firefox but not chrome.

    Has anyone got any ideas about what the cause is or how to prevent it? Ashley could it be a lack of texture memory? Is it possible to get diagnostics back from the app? i.e., system memory, GPU memory etc?

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