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  • This is my first game, i hope you like it!

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... artrunning (Play Store)

    Is exported it with Crosswalk, so on some phones run at 30 FPS (slow). Best phones for this game are Xperia (it works fine normaly, becose it has WebGL) or 5.0+ Android version.

    Now i´m exporting same game to canvas+ to be compatible with all phones and run fluent, but i need 2 or 3 days to do it, becose it has bugs on canvas version.

    It is translated to English (I´m from Spain). You can change it on Options ("Opciones" in Spanish), but i didn´t translated the tutorial yet (i forgot it), i´ll do it, so the controls are:

    On the right of screen:

    Touch to jump

    On the left:

    touch and, holding, move to right: the character runs more

    touch and, holding, move to left: the character runs slower

    touch and, holding, move to down (jumping): character falls fast

    double touch: attack (with shield), push objects and enemy

    If you like it, please, rate it well.


  • Good Game,

    I have a suggestion

    You should add a new game or restart button on the game over pages. if there is one "no hables español", I don't think it works.

    The Galaxy s6 is getting about 55-58 FPS on your game.

  • Thanks so much for playing and your suggestion.

    i´ll change it soon!

  • Alcantarillado Pescado

    Buen juego


    I added a new version based in Cocoonjs to be more fluent, but i have a problem that i cannot resolve:

    There appears vertical lines:

    (Is a tiled background)

    Any idea how can i remove it?

    Can i remove "powered by ludei"?



    He añadido una versión nueva basada en Cocoonjs para más fluidez. Pero tengo un problema que no consigo resolver:

    Me aparecen líneas verticales:

    (es un tiled background, que se va agrandando hacia la derecha a medida que se acerca)

    Alguna idea de como quitarlas?

    Se puede quitar lo de "powered by ludei"?

  • Alcantarillado Pescado

    Buen juego

    Thank You.

    You can pay Ludei to remove the splash screen, I don't know how much it cost but it's probably a lot. no idea on the line, you might want to post it in the help forums.

  • Good game, sometimes it gets stuck in my mobile

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  • Thank you all!

    By the way, remove splash ludei´s screen = 500$

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