Starback Stardestroyer a planet clicker game

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  • Hi hi developers,

    I published my first Construct 2 game on kongregate called Starback Planetdestroyer.

    Its early and not balanced. Since I expect most of you how hard it is to get a "good" game out. Pleaes give me some feedback how I can make this game better. Please play it and enjoy.



  • Nice, an idle game in the vain of cookie clicker, clicker heroes and the like.

    It's a fun genre to explore and I like your genocidal theme. Graphics also look nice and clean, music is well done, too. Could use some more crazy perhaps, assuming that your take is as humorous as I hope

    It lacks quite some in the signs & feedback field though. Only a healthbar moves when I first interact with the game (not a fancy one either). Takes a second to make that out, in fact.

    And progress through my upgrades is slow. If those upgrades even do anything at all, not sure, just assuming I understood what was going on.

    Clicker Heroes is actually a good example in terms of juicy feedback (among others): character hit animations, particle hits effect and palpable progress on the enemy health. Actually, why such a modest healthbar? It's your main feedback device, pump it up!

    And I feel there's a lot I'm not getting yet:

    Why do switch planets at all? And are they changing size upon switching back and forth? Not sure, cos there's not much to recognize them from, names and visuals are somewhat faceless.

    Where do my 'troops' come into play? What am I 'creating'? What's the 'knowledge' doing? Can i depopulate the same planet over and over?

    Your metaphors might use some explaining if you don't want visualize them more explicitly (which I'd perfer).

    Guess I'm coming off a bit abrasive here, let me say that I like what you're out for. This can be good, keep at it.

    Short version: needs more responsiveness, I guess.

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  • Thanks for the Feedback. That helps to make a better experience.

    I guess there are some things I can improve.

  • I'm not sure if I get the game right...maybe a sort of tutorial? Didn't know what to do with those buttons at the right corner.

  • I think this is the first clicker I spent more then 100 clicks on ...

    Apart from the "increases the increases" ... its rather good really.

    A little more description to increase the awareness and use of the auto clicker/attacker.

    Create weapons, I would perhaps add a visual element or effect upon creation. Perhaps sound.

    After 3 hours, lvl 56, and destroying planet level 12's in 1 click .. or ~3 secs

    Tune becomes a bit dull after an hour hehe.

    Planets changed when switching back and forth through levels ? felt odd.

    Nice system name, but I would go with something original

    Touch devices do not show popups btw, so an option to see the descriptive tooltips might be smart.

  • I have no idea how to play... I just click it looks like the planet is dying?? I clicked like crazy and it seems I'm leveling up? I'm totally lost..

    I'd give a brief intro of what the objective of the game is...

  • The offline mode seems to create rather excessive results.

  • If you finish a planet, it should make a new random planet to work on.

  • Thanks for all the feedback. I'm currently working to improve the game.

    ... even writing my own plugin.

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