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  • Hi! I'm happy to show my first HTML5 game. Star Rocket!


    It was a really challenge for me, because of the limits of free Construct 2. Don't was easy make this game without families and with less then 100 events. I managed to finish this game with exact 100 events! I need a personal license soon. I hope to get enough resources to buy the licence by sending it to Tizen Web Store.


    I only tested in Desktop, however this game is designed for mobile devices. Its supports any resolution, but i'm worried with performance issues. Then please, test on your mobile devices and give me feedback!


    How to play:

    Touch or click on screen to boost the rocket. Take the stars, avoid missiles, black stars and do not crash into the obstacles. You can combo getting the same type of star in sequence, thus doubling the points per star.

    <img src="" border="0" />


    Game: https:/

  • Dear sir, I congragulate you on this awesomeness and would like to kindly ask how the hell you did the leaderboards all by yourself, especially when you had limited number of events.

    Kind Regards;

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  • Thanks for listening!

    I used the plugin and customized my leaderboards fetching the list of high scores and looping through them.

    More information at site on the Construct 2 plugins section.

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