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  • Hello all,

    I am writing this post to present my first ever game, created with Construct 2 that is now successfully on Google Play store. I am a big fan of Construct 2 and I am incredibly happy with the engines features and power it gives ordinary users with no prior background in games development or coding.

    The project started off as a construct 3 project, till I realised the only Android phone I currently have is an old Amazon Fire phone that uses its own forked version based off Jelly Bean 4.2.

    This caused my project some difficulties, as this is my first game and my first time developing anything to Google Play, it meant I had to find a way to finish my game via debugging and troubleshooting it. Valuable skills I am happy I got to practice, now that my project is completed.

    I tried multiple different ways to modify my C3 apk to work with 4.1, or 4.2 such as trying to add in crosswalk plugins in phonegap or changing the android-targetSdkVersion to 16

    In the end my best approach in order to test my own game on Android 4.1+ was to recreate the entire project in Construct 2, export it and use the Phonegap build service.

    I am now working on a another project, and within the next few months will go back to using construct 3 for Projects aimed at 5.0. I wanted to make sure a low to medium end phone like my Amazon Fire could handle the graphics load of my game. Thankfully it performs wonderfully, all credit to the power of the construct 2 engine.

    If anyone has any constructive feedback for my Game I would be glad to hear, here or PM . It is my first project, and I can already see ways I want to improve it or my next project. I am just happy that the very reason I bought Construct 2 when I first saw it on a forum has been realised. An app up on the Google Play store, for better or worse.

    I would like to give a special thanks to a tutorial by the User AlAjaj about Phonegap. While the parts about admob did not work for me. This tutorial helped regarding getting phonegap to give me a ARM release file. Sadly Phonegap seems to default to x86 when you build a release version, thanks to his tutorial it lets you force Phonegap to give you the ARM version. I did not realise this till the end of my project as all the debug apks were ARM, till you created your final signed version.

    Good luck to all of you in your projects, if anyone likes the game I am intending to create a tutorial based on it for the tutorial section here, in the next few weeks, in the hope to help anyone else who may want to get into game development.

    I have included a few images here in case you don't want to click the store link. Thank you

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  • Awesome work on your space ship game.

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