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  • This demo`s genre is sidescrolling physics shooter.

    A simple, yet maybe addictive demo for my game that I am currently making.

    The demo showcases:

    +smooth movement thanks to Construct 2 Box2d web physics

    +1 Enemy type with a spawner - Spark mark I airborne drone

    +Just one layout, for the sake of simplicity

    +survival game mode

    +very simple level

    This demo will remain on Scirra Arcade. I will probably update it sometimes or maybe on a player request to fix bugs, but my focus is mostly already on the final game.

    But, here you go:




    +Colors, textures of sprites are visible now

    +reversed value of backdrop (darker) and foreground (lighter) and action layer

    +bigger red laser aim


    +score font color value made a lot lighter, so you would actually see how much you got if you died


    +First custom sound effects, made on http://www.audiosauna.com/studio/

    Edit: new upload, old upload will be deleted, I hope.

  • Didn't see the mouse so it was really hard to aim. Otherwise seems quite fun.

  • I removed the mouse a few versions ago, and replaced with a optical red line and made the gun auto-fire, in order to make the aiming harder but once firing it encourages you to keep the firing line on targets. But since not many people have played the new version, I honestly dont know some things until someone has played it. So, thank you for telling me.

    There is a downside adding the reticule at mouse. It forces you to look where you exactly shoot at, creating a slight tunnel effect. Meaning, you do might loose sight on your own movement and the movement of the character is the main feature right now.

    That being said, if you want, and have a valid counter argument, I will add a reticule at mouse.

    Or if someone else says, it is impossible to aim (not hard, but impossible ), I will change it immideatly.

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  • Or maybe you would't need crosshair if instead of following invisible mouse it could turn based on only mouse.x movement. Though I'm not sure if this is doable if the game runs on window.

  • Just left and right on x plane? Correct me if I am wrong, but do you mean, physical mouse movement speed on the table, correlates with the turret turn speed in the game, so the mouse wouldnt pop up out of the game?

    Actually there is a another way to improve the existing aim. I make the optical red laser line brighter and 50 % longer.

    Just tried out if It would interupt the game if I klicked outside of the game while moving. If you hold a another key down, you are in control, but if you only klick a mouse outside of the game window, you loose control, until you move the mouse back into the game again and klick. But for me, it doesnt happen just naturally, I dont move the mouse out of the game window accidentally . But I know who would, I will let my 11 year old nephew play test it out on Arcade. Then I will take a look how he manages the controls and see what needs to be changed.

  • [quote:3sjh43iu]Just left and right on x plane? Correct me if I am wrong, but do you mean, physical mouse movement speed on the table, correlates with the turret turn speed in the game, so the mouse wouldnt pop up out of the game?

    Yes this is what I should have said

    Don't know if there is a way to lock the mouse to the layout, but I quess it will disturbs a lot of players if they unfocus by clicking outside.

  • I hope you saw the new version . Back to topic on hand...

    My nephew said ,,AAAaaaargh! quite a few times while playng it because the mouse moved out, but he liked it, a lot. He was playng for 10 mins straight and even then I had to kick him away, so I could work on with my backdrop props.

    Tough the problem has become clearly visible tough, I cant update the game without causing some bugs on the website. Namely the play counter, which freezes if you update your game version. So I will do this, instead of updating the demo, I will see if I can implement this feature into the full game, and make the mouse reappear while pausing or going to main menu, or I will just add a crosshair which will have a quite low opacity, but since the player would still notice it, it wouldnt go out the game that easily.

    Thanks for helping me figuring this one out, Katala!

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