SpriteWars - My First Game with C2 (under dev)

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  • Thanks to those wonderful program, community and manual section, here's my first game =)


    Ok, that's not the best game ever, it's not finished at all and I'm working on it for less than 1 week. I plan to make waaaaay more segments, with boss fights, and maybe some dialogues for story.

    Bugs, errors, english mistakes... leave a comment ! (or leave your score ;))

    Arrow : Move

    S : Increases game speed to 200% (consumes a Time Capsule)

    D : Decreases game speed to 50% (if game speed is 150% or over, creates a Time Capsule)

    F : Bed of Razors (consumes a Time Capsule)

    E : Activate Auto-Missile (consumes a Time Capsule on activation, disabled when struck)

  • Nice game ! Good luck for the next version :)

  • Thanks :)

  • Wow! Great music!!! You did it?

    The game is nice but repetitive and I don't like the auto-shoot. I prefer to break the keyboard pressing the shoot key continuously! ;-p

    Cool explosions, maybe put the score "+10" on the just destroyed ship. In the right bottom corner isn't so visible at all...

    The ships goes only down? Maybe add a left and right movement.

    By the way, I like very much the music!

  • Thanks :)

    The music is not mine of course ;) (it came from Last Exile, an anime)

    Autoshoot is good to free one of your fingers. Usually in this type of shmup, the fire key is always pressed down, which is imho a nonsense : if it's always down, delete the key and put autofire when enemies are on screen.

    Now you can use fingers to make something else. Like this game got already 4 buttons in addition to arrows, I think it's enough for the left hand. :)

    There are some left/right movement enemies, try segments 7, 8 and 9 ;)

    I'll add more type of enemies in the future, some making zigzags, making translations like space invaders, coming from back, teleporting,

    etc., and a boss every 10 segments (that's why the game is actually finished at segment 10, because I have to make first boss).

    I plan to make 100 segments, with a non-game-speed-influenced timer for speedrunners.

    On first time, score was on ships, that's indeed nicer. But I moved it on bottom/right to not overflow the readability of the game : the less informations on playing field you got, the more you can see what's important (like lasers and enemies).

    Maybe I can make an option to switch between 2 modes, for people who wants it nicer and people who don't want be bothered. =)

  • Plays very nicely! Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks :)

  • Very cool!

    I actually kinda liked the auto-fire. The only reason games usually don't do it is because the ships have a charge attack that requires you to hold down the button. Either that or they have some sort of mechanic where you want to try and get as many enemies on screen at once and blow them up in combos, or perform bullet scraping. If you have no charge attacks, I think the auto-fire is fine (especially of you port this to mobile).

    Top work!

  • Glad you appreciate it :)

    Autofire is even not preventing of adding a charge attack if I want. The charge button would charge and stop autofire as well. ;)

    Anyway yes, push-to-fire is good to waiting for combos, not destroying "good" targets (like civilians or whatever), on flying phases with labyrinth or indestructible moving objects you have to dodge.

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  • It's fun to play and I love the music & sounds, are their yours?

    Keep working on this!

  • Great game play.. smooth and fluid! The time change aspect is a pretty neat idea. Can't wait to see more :)

  • You should get your own music. Let me know if you need a track ;)

  • Thanks everyone =)

    are their yours?

    Like I said, it's from Last Exile, an anime ;)

    You should get your own music. Let me know if you need a track ;)

    I wish I could, but I'm not musician :)

    If you can make musics of the same quality, what would I say other than yes ? :P


    I try, but I don't have much time these days :(

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