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  • hi,

    working on a shooter, i have the basics down for one level

    waves + boss, scoresystem, sounds, powerups

    controls are mouse

    leftclick for normal shooting

    rightclick for a burst *updated > max 3bursts

    i used the scirra graphics for the waves

    for the background i used a large image with fx warp (tip from forumuser)

    im wondering if the game plays fluid on multiple systems and any other feedback you can give is appreciated

    play shooter

  • Keep it vtrix! The speed of the rapid fire and the quickness of the ship movement makes it fun.

  • Love it. Runs really smooth on my system. Going back for another go, cover me!

    Just got 70700, beat that! :D

  • me like...60,700

  • This game plays quite well. Very fun!

    Minor suggestions/nitpicks:

    -Shrink the player's hitbox a little. The hitbox seems to be the entire ship (unless it isn't, in that case, I'm just bad at the game :P)

    -Change the "bonus points" item sprite. They look like lighter colored bullets.

    -Have an "upgrade meter" that shows how many powerups are needed to upgrade the player's weapon.

    -The player sprite appears in front of the HUD, but not the exhaust effect.

    -Perhaps if the player is hit, their weapon level is decreased by 1 or 2 levels, instead of immediately reset to the base single shot?

    High Score: 106300 (204 kills) :D

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  • i retract my last statement.

    i unreservedly hate this game...because it won't let me win.

  • Mulkaccino thx, fun high speed shooter, thats what im aiming for

    vandinz Glad you have fun playing it

    Zero6 some nice feedback thank you i will improve on that

    harrio keep practicing:)and try to beat the boss!

    made small update, some added sounds, and burst(rightclick) is capped at 3

    (press refresh if you already played)

  • 86900! Beat that bitches! ;)

    -Change the "bonus points" item sprite. They look like lighter colored bullets.

    I'd go with that, I've been avoiding them for ages lol.

  • Nice work mate. I like it.

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