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  • Hello World,

    I've just published my second game, Space Marmoreus, on google play. Please go try it out and help it grow?!

    At least give it 5 minutes of your time and if you like it help spread it around by giving it a 5 star review, telling your family, friends, social media, etc about it. And if you don't like it, tell me what I did wrong so that I may improve in the future.

    Thank you all very much, here's some info about the game:


    The universe has been invaded by billions of marmoreus. The only thing standing between them and earth is YOU!!

    Fight your way through the swarms and prove to your friends that you are the best by getting the highest possible score on each level and posting your mega score to the leaderboards.

    Space Marmoreus is a fun, challenging and addictive space puzzle game with lots of unique levels, some of which require near perfect precision to get the best results.


    • 20 levels to start(with more on the way)
    • beautiful space backgrounds full of color and detail
    • 7 awesome tracks for you to enjoy while saving the world
    • leaderboards system, can you be the top marmoreus destroyer in the world?

    Googleplay Link:


  • The select level screen is just teasing me, like: "you see those big, shiny cells for each level? Well screw you! Use the listboxes at the bottom man!"

    Apart from that no big issues for now.

  • Looool. The whole reason I used listbox was to make it as easier and conveniet as possible for the player to choose his level and difficulty.

    But thank you for your input Aphrodite , it's very much appreciated, and thank you for trying it out. Hope you have fun.

  • So guys any other suggestions, tips, praise, criticism, etc.?

  • Sigh.

  • First of all, Congratulations on creating a game! You did it!!!

    Now for your feedback.

    Your game is not very engaging. The graphics are not aesthetic and the gameplay is not easy to maneuver with. I really don't mean to sound rude, but your game just isn't yelling: "PLAY ME, I'M FUN". It's clear that you put your effort into it but even the tutorial section is a bit off with the words being everywhere. As for the game itself and the goals, it's alright, but I didn't find myself wanting to keep playing.

  • No, I don't find you rude. I appreciate your feedback!

    I just wish that more people would at least give it a shot and try it for a few mins instead of just looking, saying "pass" and moving on.

    And then if they don't like it no problem, they can tell me what they think I did wrong and move on. Else how the hell am I ever gonna improve?!?!.....

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  • Downloaded!

    My suggestions?

    • Place the social buttons a little more smaller and drop some margin at home screen.
    • I spent 30s to learn to play but Just a previous image as tutorial will improve the user gameplay from start!.
    • I would avoid the html form controls


  • Thank you nonom I appreciate, and will consider your feedback. I just need clarification on a few things:

    1. When you say "drop some margin at home screen" what exactly do you mean by that?

    2. Do you mean you didn't realize the menu has more then one page and you can swipe the screen to scroll through the pages, and that you didn't see that there is a tutorial section? Or you did see/read it, but you think that regardless of the tutorial section I should make the tutorial text pop-up the first time a player plays the game, and later on he can just revisit the tutorial section if he needs to?

    3. You're not the only one who said something to me about the list boxes(form controls), as you can see above Aphrodite olso suggested that you should be able to just click the score cells and get taken to the level.

    But on this regard I don't see how I will ever be able to win/make people happy, because.... Ok here's a scenario:

    a) Let's say I remove the lists and you can just click on each levels score "box" and get taken to that level.

    b) Let's say that my game becomes a success, or even if it remains a failure, let's say I decide "screw it, I ain't got nothing better to do anyway" and I keep making more and more levels for it.

    c) Let's say one day you get to the point where you wanna play level 98. So you are gonna have to swipe the screen one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine times, then another click on the level, then another click to select difficulty, and after all that you finally start playing...

    At that point isn't everyone gonna start screaming at me "Bring back the damn list boxes you fool, it takes me half and hour and a million clicks/swipes just to start the game!!"

    So how can I ever satisfy people in such a case, what should I do?

  • Most of the same kind of games seems to adopt a world-level environment.

    So in your case, imagine you have 240 levels, and can show 12 levels per screen, that would make 20 worlds, we can have a first screen that let's you select between 20 worlds, which would basically be "level 1 to 12, level 13 to 24, etc..", easy to navigate yet has a lot of options

    As the listbox too would be a pain to scroll too in that regard

    The other advantage is that most people won't want to play "level 98 again", but they may wanna play the "6th level of the asteroid field world"

  • Hmmm, yes interesting idea. I might be able to do something like that, if not for this game then at least for future games.

    Thank you Aphrodite !

  • When you say "drop some margin at home screen" what exactly do you mean by that?

    It's just a cosmetic change, nothing important, maybe some margins would fine at home screen.

    I didn't saw the tutorial

  • Installed! Will give it a go and review soon!

  • Thank you very much HuaHero , hope you have fun.

  • Alas another bump in case anyone cares about it. 4/23 installs....

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