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  • Ok here's my New Game, Space Fantasy it's from the old Sega Master System Fantasy Zone, I used the originals Graphics, and Audio converted from midi's.


    Added Basic Shop but there are some small bugs and most things are not buyable at present.

    To Test Shop Press "S" on Level 1 or 2 and Press "+" to Add 100 to Money


    Added Level 2

    Fixed Bombs becoming disabled on Level 1

    ToDo Next:

    Adding the Shop next so you can spend your money on PowerUps


    Fixed A Bug In The Demo

    Added Instructions Screen

    Fixed White lines

    Added "Z" to Fire

    Added "X" to Bomb

    Fixed Enemy Spawning Incorectly in Waves(Wasn't Supposed to Happen)

    Small Update/Fix

    Using Stepping Mode - Framerate Independent to try to stop slowdown on the boss level.

    Tested on IE9 seems ok

    Tested on Google Chrome seems ok

    Tested on Firefox 7.01.... A Bit Choppy

    In This Beta01

    Parallax Scrolling

    Menu Screen

    End of Game Screen

    1 level

    1 boss

    5 Second Spwan Timer (So you don't die straight away)

    Demo so after 10 secs on the menu screen a demo kicks in to watch.

    Debug Testing:

    Quick Debug Key Press "B" on Level 1 to go straight to boss.


    Add the Shop and Powerups and Extra Levels.

    Known Bugs

    Fixed Auto Mirror

    Also i was gonna enter this into the Competition when complete but didn't know if i could as it uses the original games sprites...?

    Space Fantasy

    Please let me know if you find any bugs.

  • Your trouble must be something with the auto flip/auto mirror property of the ship.

    Make sure to have the same option in the boss layer as in the "regular" level.

    The boss level is hugely slow on FireFox, I guess those green stuff are like particles, and you're spawning a lot of them at once. Anyway, the more it goes in the boss level, the slower it gets. (as in FPS drop)

  • Hi Thanks... stoopid me didn't set Auto Mirror...

    As for the Slow Down its fine here on IE9,FireFox and Chrome...?

    Here's what happens i tried to get a spread and the physics wasn't working fully applying random forces, so there are 2 seeds, seed 1 and seed 2, the boss spawns 4 seed 1, and then every 1 sec they spawn seed 2 at a different angle of force.

    But there's an INVISIBLE wall at the side of the level and upon collison they get destroyed as well as out of layout they get destroyed.

    But having said that i have a fast PC so maybe i'm not getting a true reflection of what happens on other PC's....?

    There's a Quick Debug Key Press "B" on Level 1 to go straight to boss.

  • Set this on the boss level Using Stepping Mode - Framerate Independent to try to stop slowdown on the boss level.

    Hope this helps.

  • You forgot a -i on the word 'right' on the start. And you forgot to support touch device ahah :D so I need to wait until tomorrow to test the game, uh !

  • It looks good and is playable, and things run smooth in Firefox 5, at least for me. Parallax looking good.

    My only gripe being the mouse + arrow keys is an awkward setup; being a MAME hobbyist, I'm much more comfortable with arrow keys + ZXC or WASD + something.

    Also I didn't know what the bases were until experimentation (they don't look like bases!), and I didn't know what the bombs were good for until experimentation (I thought they were initially useless). I can chalk that up to being a beta though.

    All in all, a very praise-worthy effort!

    Did you have all the enemies just be on bullet behavior, and have random spawning? Or did you have them placed copy-paste all around the layout?

  • Cool game. I don't know if your getting this on your PC but I can see a small space in between your stars sky scrolling background tiles. I had this problem once here: You could probably fix that real easy just by adding a new bottom layer under that one, and just filling it with the color black. But nice job with your game.

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  • thanks for the feedback,

    The enemies are pasted all around at start then they are spawned out of the layout at random spawn points, and yes they are using bullet behaviour.

    I will add a shoot key to give the option on your controls.

    Yeh the bases will be more recognisable when i have set some enemies spawn out of them.

    Thanks Wink for the tip i did notice this and will try your fix suggestion.

    I have never tried touch devices as i dont have a touch fone to test.

  • I never had the luxury of playing this on the Master System, but it's quite fun!

    I can also see the little white lines, here's a screenshot.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Browser: Google Chrome 14.0.835.202 m

  • Some fixes done in new Beta02.

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