Space Encounter - A Bullet Hell Space Shooter

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  • Hello people. Check out the game I've been developing Space Encounter. It's a space shooter bullet hell game in which you face only strong (boss) encounters in space.

    You are equipped with your standard plasma cannon, an energy shield which can absorb enemy fire and the ability to fire a powerful power wave.

    The game features interesting bullet hell patterns and can prove to be challenging to a hardcore level even on Normal difficulty. Play it if you are up to the challenge!

    Please rate and comment if you like =)

  • Really nice, made it to the green boss, was the 3rd or 4th??

  • Hey, that's great, thanks for playing. Yeah, that was the 3rd boss :)

  • Great game! I really like all the different shooting patterns from the bosses.

  • Really creative twist on the shooter mechanics! Using the shield to power your special abilities adds a masterfully wicked new hook to the gameplay!

    How did you think of it?

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  • Thanks RandomFellow. Yeah, I was thinking hard on creating some sort of unique concept on the ship's abilities. I just thought that you never see abilities with cooldowns in space shooter games so why not have a short duration shield with a cooldown to save you in situations you cant get out of. The power wave, which is usually the respective of the classic "save me and destroy everything" bomb, is often made available by obtaining a bomb token in these types of games. So I thought, why not make it so that you earn it by charging it up slowly with the bullets you absorb.

    I'm glad you find it interesting =)

  • 4th boss. Just under half health.

    Very cool. When you die, the pew sounds still happens even if you're dead.

  • Thanks for playing it =)

    Yeah that's a bug I overlooked. Ty for reminding me to fix it!

  • Space Encounter has it's own website now :D

    Check out the latest version of Space Encounter at

    We've made a few updates on game mechanics, graphics and added the possibility to submit your score on our website.

  • Hi i've been working on a random game that has bullet like aspects even though i'm almost done,i'm having some problems with making new patterns . so i was wondering if you could tell how you manage to create them (i wont create the EXACT same patterns of course, just a tip would be fine , also i'm sorry if that's rude as you've must have put a lot of effort into those patterns).

    ps :the bosses were awesome the white/grey(?) one with the lasers and the eye looking one are the hardest to me.

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