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  • Anybody out there a fan of Red Letter Media ( If not, you can still enjoy Space Cop: The Game, but it will be that much richer for RLM fans...

    Few things:

    -currently, it's only a single level level

    -on replay, there's no way to skip through the intro yet...I'll put that capability in soon, though

    -this is a fan game, not an official RLM release


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  • Awesome! The first level was fun, i will be looking out for more levels!

    Had a few problems where he would not stay ducked down even when holding down arrow. I will check on my desktop to see maybe if it is my laptop keyboard or not!

  • Thanks! There is a bit of a known quirk with the duck/crouch, which might be what you're experiencing. It crops up as a result of trying to crouch right after landing from a jump. Landing triggers a quick animation and, until that's finished, he can't duck. It's only a fraction of a second, but it definitely throws things off, so I think I'll have to tweak that. If you're seeing something different, though, definitely let me know and I'll try to track it down!

  • Looks nice, but that boss killed me... Anyway, maybe it would look better if you use bullets? When shooting, spawn bullet, when bullet reach enemy, destroy enemy.

  • Great graphics!! Well done.

    I also died at the boss. I didn't understand if I actually hit him or not when i jump-shoot from afar, and a bit confusing that I couldn't use the special weapon while jumping. I think spawning bullets like cornelg7 suggested for both normal and special weapon would make it much more clear.

    I also nearly got stuck when I moved to the wooden crate at the boss, as I started moving really slowly.

    Right now the first level felt like a bit too much crouching. That could be related to the crouch animation being really slow. I think you should try to make crouching instant or near-instant and see how it works out, because I think the controls would feel much more responsive. Same goes with shooting, as there's now a small delay before shooting.

  • Also, would be nice to be able to skip tutorial with a button click, and unpause the game with spacebar :)

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