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  • Wow, after seeing all the great work here I'm a little intimidated but you guys always keep it real and that's what pushes people to make better games so here's mine.

    Soul Soldier


    Still very much in the creation phase I have more graphics and sound to add but your thoughts & feedback are very welcome.

    Thank you

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  • I don't know if those are your but graphics seem quite nice. You may think about adapting your characters and story to a vertical shooter. Personally i don't like those kind of top down shooters, it very hard for me :P

    Keep working.

  • onur - Well thank you any way I appreciate your opinion. The goal is to do a top down shooter game. And while I know it's not for everyone, neither are the other kinds. It's a preference so I understand...

    Yes, I made most of the graphics (The ones with the round helmets yes.) They all will be converted over to characters I'll make especially for the other levels.

    Thanks for checking it out.

  • i'd say you're off to a flying start, the game plays well. I only have one bit of small criticism, though.

    When the player moves, he automatically aims in the direction he's moving. It makes it difficult to shoot at enemies when you're back-pedaling (which is 90% of the time in these kinds of games). If you could make it so that the player always aims at the cursor, it'd make it easier to control.

    But like I said, great start!

  • RandomFellow - He's set to follow the cursor to aim or maybe you're meaning something else. I'm coachable so if you know of something better I'd love to give that a try.

    Let me know and thanks for taking the time to look it over I appreciate it.

  • ALLMarkMade

    No worries, mate. Whenever the arrow keys were held down, the player points in the direction the arrow keys are held and not the direction the cursor is pointing. It could be how the "on key pressed" event is set up (when left is pressed --> point player to the left, etc).

  • RandomFellow - Ohhhh Ok thanks, I like that ides I will give it a try.


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