Can someone test my game? lol

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  • Hello guys! I'm Joe and I'm making a game for a university project called Momo's Adventure. The game started on the Weekly Game Jam #42 and now I'm trying to validate it, so I'm looking for someone who can spend 10 minutes to play this demo version and give me a feedback into a Google Forms (Pretty small one, don't worry).

    Here's a link for the game:

    Here's the link for the Google Form:

    Thank you for your help!

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  • Hi mate,

    Got as far as the cave bit (after note #5).

    Spent 5 mins jumping around and repeatedly falling off platforms and gave up. Difficulty level of those jumps is a little much for me!

    As for the animations etc, all works really nicely and runs smooth.

    Jumping is a little un-intuitive at first but got used to it after a while. Theres a slight delay between pressing jump and actually jumping, probably due to your events that control the "hold to jump" action.

    Had a second go using the "rewind time" thing. Couldn't really figure that out either. Pressed Y, pressed U. Didn't get it.

    Looks really nice and has a lot of potential, but basically couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing or how to use the core mechanic!

    Filled out the google form for you as well :)


  • Thank you for the feedback!

    The first version of the game had a instant jump (as normal games have). But I realized some people struggled on executing some puzzles, so I was testing this new type of jump. But it seems it doesn't really work well... People are missing simple jumps just cuz this jump system is unintuitive.

    Thank you for your time! I'll leave a comment here when I update the game (:

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