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  • Hi there All,

    We just published Slappy Feet on Scirra...

    Scirra's server is NOT responding to the mouse events all the time, the game is NOT good playable without this pretty important aspect of the game. You can play the game also at:

    Slappy Feet is a tribute to the dedicated Karateka's from all over the world, Budoschool Ton Neuhaus and my daughter Jennifer in special who earned her Black Belt in 2012 and became Dutch Champion Kumite in 2013...

    The game is inspired by Flappy Bird (although completely different) and will be published to the App Stores as soon as the testing period is complete. There will be a free mobile version with some ads (as soon as I'm satisfied with the result) and a paid version withouth the ads for let's say eh, $ 0,99 or so...

    Slappy feet is also published on and Budoschool Ton Neuhaus (scroll to the bottom)...


    Franco Palmieri

    Yvonne Slagveld


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  • Hi Fronne did you ever find out what was wrong with the mouse events on the Scirra server?

  • It seems kind of pointless to try to get this on Goggle Play / Apps Store since they banned all flappy bird remakes and recreations from getting put on there due to the sheer number of them trying to cash in on the craze.

    Sorry bud :\

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