Skygear-01 Destroyer (For HBGame)

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AI for enemies in style of a well known blue robot guy.
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    [I started this game in this monday, after much searching ... I can say I did about 4 or 5 demo games before finally getting the idea for this game...]

    the first project I was doing (Spinout Racer) failed because I got excited and went over the possibilities of the free version of Construct2. Since then I've been thinking about how to do something simple and legal to enter the challenge. This is my last trump.

    Even if I did not win anything, at least you can try to have fun :D


    Check out the new update, see the graphics changed


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    Play de demo!! :D

  • Well this is awesome. Really really awesome. Did you draw the sprites yourself or? I like the graphics.

    Some feedback: I had trouble hitting the enemies with the bullets, are the hitboxes large enough? (Might be my laggy laptop aswell -.-)

    Enemies firing bullets? Perhaps?

    Level up system?

    Money system?

    I'm really bad at giving feedback but hope I can help with the development.

    All in all, great great start! Keep working on it!

    If you got time, do check out my game aswell, it's made with the Free edition so there are a few known bugs, but I can't fix it, because I've run out of actions..

    KillSlay ZombieDie

  • Thank you! :D

    I'm already preparing to upgrade to system level, random weapons that comes in the middle of the game and some special powers. Cash System I had not thought, I have to take a studied to see if it would be better to exchange points and improvements to convey, or for money.

    I really liked your analysis, how to shoot the enemies, I think the difficulty is because the gun does not stay in the middle of the nave, but underneath it. But I'm correcting this mistake. o/

    I played your game, but found it very difficult ehehe

    always turn my bullets, and it takes a lot to get more bullets.

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  • Great graphics! Great demo!

  • ^^ yeah, i'm played your game. it's really good, i love the water the most. hope you win HBgame contest, bro !! Awesome game.

  • thx Dado and farsmile90!!

    farsmile90 - ehehe, I hope that I can at least impress the jury. The most important thing is to participate and develop their own skills ^ ^

  • WOW dude! Your game is really good. WOW! I didn't know it was you who made the spinout Racer game. I didn't make the link between your two accounts. I've been following your work in so I know you made the graphics yourself :)

    I can tell that you will be among the finalist. I don't see another possibility. Maybe you could post the game in Scirra Arcade at the end of the contest ? By the way, please, feel free to try also my game "This is Cute!" and leave me some comments. I will appreciate. You can play it through my signature.

  • Thanks anthonykojima :D

    I do not know if I can win or stay in a good position, because it has many good competitors. But I'm doing my best :)

    As for his game, I liked everything, especially the music and graphics. But I found a bug. whenever I try to click the mouse on something, my doll out walking alone up or down and is locked. :(

  • This is really cool.

    I love the cartoony graphics.

    My only criticism is the sound effects for an enemy dying - its super loud! :)

    Keep up the good work and good luck in the comp.

  • thx GenkiGenga, the sound of explosions of the enemies is really very loud, I'll fix it :)

  • I've already posted on this in the HBGames forum but thought I should reiterate here, this game's awesome!

  • thank u Ugotsta! :)

    an improved version soon available o/

  • I voted the game over HB - great stuff- very well executed - liked the simplicity and the easing in of the player into the flow of the game.

    I was going to ask - did you make the music yourself? :)

    If so, would you be interested in a remix for a boss stage or something?

    My other passion is music, and most recently remixing - ( Johnny's IndabaMusic Profile )

  • JohnnySix, Thanks, I really like the games creation, and I'm very perfectionist with my own creations, always try to do the best I can : P

    as your question, I didn't do this music. Cause although I really enjoy music, I'm not so good at creating them as the creation of art :( ..and, of course I was interested in music for the boss, if you like it and have some music to show me, I'll be happy to put them in the game and credit you, if the game go ahead and make some sucess :)

  • Sweet, is the original track something open source - quick example - would break down into something gnarlier- just a 10 minute demo . ;)

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